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Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings on the best creatures and messengers Muhammad and his family and companions and followed him until the Day of Judgement.
        The College of Physical Education at the University of Mosul from the leading colleges in the Iraqi and Arab universities, as this college was founded in 1977. Its goal was and still since its inception first is studied academic studies primary and upper for graduation cadre scientific armed ČĂÎŃ scientific developments in key areas of physical education is teaching, training and public health in order to serve society by preparing teachers of Physical Education Ministries (Higher Education and Scientific Research) and (Education) and (Youth and Sports), and authors of fitness programs and health of the armed forces and internal security forces as well as carrying out training duties and arbitration for all clubs and sports institutions and national teams.
        I have seen this college sophisticated and clear in its facilities and stadiums in recent years thanks to the support of the university to the college as monopolized this college creates lab unified human achievement and that contains the latest scientific equipment in the terms of reference of physiology training and Albayumikanek and Measurement and Evaluation and the rest of the other powers, which will have an active role in completion of qualitative research to undergraduates, upper and conduct various tests for university sports and Nineveh province and national teams.
        The right word spoken to the active role of the elite of the faculty discerning who contributed to the construction and development of this college and who raised the reputation of the college at the local level and internationally, through the sedate their operation teaching and dissemination of research excellence in magazines Arab and foreign participation in the conference of Arab and international participation each member associations and Arab World In addition to their participation in the chairmanship and membership of and training of national teams and local clubs in different sports.
Wishes for this evolution and college success is reconciled to God ...
                                                                       Prof. Dr. Qutaiba Zaki Taha Altec
                                                                              Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education


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