Some seminars in the Department of Management Information Systems

Research Title



Towards IT governance as a road map to support the university education quality :A case study in the College of Administration and Economics / University of Mosul

Mohammed Mustafa .H

Nima Abdullah AL-Fakhry


Contemporary Challenges for Cloud Computing Data Governance in Information Centers: An analytical study


 Amir A. Abdulmuhsin

Ahmed zuhair Tawfiq mahmood


Towards information technology governance based on its strategic areas: Case Study at Speed Way company to Commications and Internet Services

Mohammed Mustafa .H


The Effect of Viral Marketing Technologies on Consumer Behavior _ A survey of a sample of students from the college of administration and economics

Abdullah Hashim Hamoudi Alballah, Zaid Fawzi Ayoob, Abdullah Abdulhaq Khmees Al Sumaidaie


IT capabilities in achieving sustainable development of the education sector in Iraq

Abdullah Hashim Hamoudi Alballah, Abdullah Abdulhaq Khmees Al Sumaidaie


Diagnosis of Factors Affecting Sustainable Tourism in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Mohammed Mustafa .H

Mohammed Abdl Kader


The role of IT in Job performance A pilot Study in Nineveh Health institution

Shaymaa Mudhafar Dakheel Alnaqeeb, Mohammed A. Mohammed Hamokhalil


The reality of the adoption of the dimensions of administrative governance in the Faculty of Management and Economics / University of Mosul using the reasoning and the adoption of a proposed function


huda abd al raheem husien ali, thukaa yousif aziz saleh


A new Jackknifing ridge estimator for logistic regression model

Nawal Mahmood Hamood, Zakariya yahya algamal


Depending The ITIL Model as a roadmap for Information Technology Services governance: a case study at Speed Way Company  for Internet Services Distribution / Kirkuk Province

Mohammed Mustafa .H

Nadwa Khazaal Rashid


Role of human resources governance in career stability 

huda abd al raheem husien ali, Safa Idriss Abboudi, Raghad Driss Abboudi


The role of electronic management A survey study of a sample of colleges at the university of mosul

Mohammed A. Mohammed

Zaid fawzi ayoob


Implications of Investment in Information Technology in Empowerment the Foundations of Higher Education Quality: Case Study in the Engineering College/ University of Mosul

Mohammed Mustafa .H


The Role of Technical Requirement in The Successful Application of Intranet at Cihan University".


Omar Tawfiq Abdul Rahman, Inas Mohamed Omar, Abdullah Hashim Hamoudi Alballah


Adoption of COBIT model processes in IT governance

A Case Study in Korek Telecom Mobile Company/Kirkuk

Mohammed Mustafa .H





Scientific Activities

  1. Participation in the scientific symposium of the Departments of Economics and Management Information Systems

        "Ways to promote scientific research in administrative and economic sciences".

  1. Holding the 8th Student Scientific Symposium on Graduation Research "Contributions to the Information Society".


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