Social Activities

  1. 1. Establishing relief campaigns for orphans.

Humanity, values, and habits impose attention on an important segment of our society, a segment with special needs, and here were the lectures of the Department of the Management Information Systems / University of Mosul. A simple initiative is by bringing joy to their hearts, the joyful occasion of the end of the exams they perform in the orphanage ,Led by lectures have given all the love and attention to this despite people they have our appreciation... ,It is one case that should be highlighted in our stricken cities


  1. Organizing a football championship for students held by the Department of Management Information Systems.

Among the activities carried out by the Department of Management Information Systems / University of Mosul for students.... it sport  ... which encourage the practice of exercise and develop the values of cooperation and team skills and methods Human interaction...

A match took place in the college stadium, and was dominated by an atmosphere of competition between the team

The lectures and the team of the fourth level in which the students and lectures presented the finest aunts of brotherly human interaction

It ended with the victory of the lectures team penalty shoot-out and luck more for our dear students.


Other activities are:

  1. Establishing relief campaigns for the needy in the old area by the right Mosul.
  2. Participation in a blood donation campaign established by the Department of Marketing Management.
  3. Establishing a relief campaign for the blind.

4 - Participation in the afforestation campaign conducted in the college of Administration and Economics



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