Description of the academic program of the Department of Banking and Finance


The academic program description provides the applied and social scientific and environmental content of the objectives and trends of the department, which contributes to the development of cognitive and applied skill for students and the cognitive movement of specialization, as well as social and environmental contribution to the labor market and the development of local and regional communities.

Educational institution

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / University of Mosul / College of Administration and Economics

scientific department

Banking and Finance

The name of the academic program

Banking and Finance

The name of the final certificate

Bachelor of Banking and Finance

Study system

The quarterly system (currently working towards the transition to the curriculum system as per Ministry instructions) for the year 2019-2020

Accredited Accreditation Program

System of units of study

Objectives of the academic program

1. Keeping pace with the scientific development in the field of financial and banking sciences.

2. Qualifying students according to labor market requirements.

3. Developing and activating the creative and applied capabilities in the various financial and banking fields.

4. Strengthen the relationship with community organizations through cooperation in joint programs.

5. Providing expertise and consulting in the financial and banking fields.

6. Development of scientific research in the field of finance and banking.

7. Preparing and implementing training courses in order to develop the financial and banking capabilities of the employees in the local departments.

8. Research cooperation between the department and the corresponding departments in local and Arab universities.

9. Developing knowledge partnerships between the department and the labor market.

10. Investing information technology in the field of financial and banking sciences and providing job opportunities through it to the youth category.

Means of achieving the academic program

1. Attracting the scientific competencies of the faculty members.

2. Develop the efficiency of the teaching staff to keep pace with developments in the fields of knowledge and technology.

3. Provide modern versions of books and periodicals in the field of competence.

4. The use of technical and practical means in teaching.

5. Emphasis on the applied side in teaching through the use of case methods or role representation and so on.

6. Motivating faculty members in the fields of authorship, practical research and participation in scientific conferences and seminars.

7. Openness to local community organizations and inviting specialists in these organizations to give qualitative lectures reflecting their work experiences.

8. Participate in scientific conferences and courses for the purpose of giving faculty members experience and knowledge through access to the experiences of others.

Job opportunities for graduates

The Department of Finance and Banking qualifies students to work in many fields and jobs in the private and public business sector as follows:

1. Financial Manager.

2. Financial expert.

3. Financial and banking researcher.

4. Accountant.

5. Observer Associate.

6. Checker

7. Financial broker

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