The department seeks to promote academic and scientific work in various disciplines of  Finance and Banking by following the latest recent events in this specialty and provide students with practical skills across the support disciplines in the electronic Calculator and accounting science to work in banks, financial markets and stock exchanges and supporting the march of research and writing for the professors and teaching.

The Message

          Rehabilitate scientific and academic cadres that can keep up with the scientific ones in the Jurisdiction field and establish a great know ledge base able to analyze, predict and measure different branches of this dream, as well as the rehabilitation of component students with knowledge and experience in the practice of career work.


  • Promoting academic and methodological study in the financial and banking sciences.
  • Preparing students scientifically and academically and providing him with the necessary skill for work.
  • Developing and updating scientific and academic curricula to keep abreast of recent developments.
  • Prepare sound research and book costs in the field of financial and banking allocation.
  • Follow up the national and international financial and banking changes, study them, analyze them and draw conclusions.
  • Communication between the scientific cadres in the scientific department and the various financial and banking institutions in the community, and the emphasis on scientific research through graduate programs.




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