Publishing controls in the Journal of the Faculty of Basic Education Research

Publishing Ethics

Referring to the ethics of scientific research and the terms of the publishing ethics committee described in paragraph (14) of the book of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Department of Research and Development No. 4/7961 on 15/10/2018, the editorial board of the Journal of the Faculty of Basic Education Out as follows:


The editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Faculty of Basic Education, in cooperation with the members of the editorial board of the journal, is responsible for selecting the appropriate arbitrators in complete confidence.

Editorial Board members

The members of the editorial board of the journal work to select the appropriate arbitrators for the research submitted to the magazine, maintain the confidentiality of the arbitration process, and follow-up and evaluation of research preliminary evaluation, and consider the suitability of publication or apology for publication before sending to the evaluators.


Researchers should ensure that their research is authentic and meets the highest academic and ethical standards.

1- The research submitted for publication should enjoy high credibility in terms of quotation of texts or submitting data without distortion and the researcher should be committed to scientific honesty.

2 - not to include the names of researchers who are not actively involved in the completion of the research.

3 - Researchers should review their research according to the proposals of the arbitrators, and in case the researcher objected to the observations of the arbitrators must provide a logical justification.

4 - Subject to all research submitted for publication to the program of reclamation, and ensure that the proportion of reclamation does not exceed the limit allowed (20%).

5 - Researchers should not submit research previously published in other journals, as well as not to submit research to more than one magazine at once, as this is contrary to the ethics of publication.





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