Publishing regulations in the Journal of College of Basic Education Research


There are regulations  for publication in the Journal of Faculty of Basic Education which should be adhered by the researcher and as follows :

1-Submitting a written request for publication of the research, with a commitment not to publish it in another journal .

2-The research must be printed on computer in the form of a Word file.

3- the research body should be in size 14 and margins should be in size12 , font type of board and the Quranic verses Deco Type Naskh, line spacing and paragraphs 10 for Arabic language, and Time New Roman, line spacing and paragraphs (115) for English language , page layout is in two columns, except Arabic and English abstract on the first page of the research which should be in single column .

4- The number of pages of pure science research should not exceed (15) pages and humanities research (20) pages , the research should pay (2000 dinars for each additional page).

5-The title of the research should be printed followed by the name of the author or authors and address, and then research abstract in both Arabic and English should not exceed 250 words, followed by keywords is not listed in the title of the first page of the research , page layout is in one column, then followed by the body in research columns.

6-As for scientific research the payment of publication fees is (100) thousand dinars for the title of professor, and (75) thousand dinars for the title of assistant professor, and (50)Thousand dinars or below for the title of lecturer ,while the amount of the human research is (75) thousand dinars for the title of professor and( 60) thousand dinars for the title of assistant professor and (40) thousand dinars and below for the title of lecturer, the first installment will be taken upon delivery of the research to the administrator of the journal, the second installment will be taken upon receipt of acceptance of publication,  in addition to paying ( 5 ) thousand dinars for obtaining a copy of the paper number .

7-After accepting the publication of research, the researcher submits a final copy of the research with a CD as a Word file to enforce its implementation according to the regulations of the magazine .

8-If the research is partially taken from Master thesis or PhD dissertation, a(*) sign should be placed at the end of the research title and the details of the supervisor and researcher and the title of the thesis whether it is master's or doctoral thesis, all should be mentioned in the footnotes.

9-the tables are printed with page layout vertically ,and merged into the same research file, shapes and charts with their titles should be in the form of a unified image, and all text boxes of the research should be removed.

10-Research will not be returned to their owners, whether it is accepted for publication or not .

11-The title of the research and the summary does not exceed than one page in both Arabic and  English more .

12-You can contact us by visiting the following address: (Journal of Basic Education College / Faculty of  Basic Education / University of Mosul) .

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