Undergraduate certficates Of the college

-Bsc in islamic education

-Bsc in physical education

-Bsc in special education

-Bsc in kindergarten

-Bsc in arabic language

-Bsc in english language

-Bsc in sciences

-Bsc in mathematics

-Bsc in history

-Bsc in geography

-Bsc in 1st class teachers

Postgraduate certificates

In 2001-2002 , postgraduate studies began at special education department (methodologies of basic education )  and it was down the hill journey . postgraduate studies began in arabic language ( literature and grammar) , physical education (sport sciences), history (islamic history) , kindergarten(educational psychology )  and english language (linguistics) as well as Ph.D in arabic language ( literature ) since 2012

Postgraduate certifcates

-Ph.D. in physical education and sport sciences

-Ph.D. in arabic language / literature

-M.A.in physical education and sport sciences

-M.A.in arabic language / grammar

-M.A.in arabic language / literature

-M.A.in history /  islamic

-M.A.in history / modern

-M.A.in kindergarten / educational psychology

-M.A.in special education / general methodologies

-M.A.in islamic education / islamic education

-M.A.in english language / linguistics and english language

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