Terms of acceptance and registeration in the college

Divided into 3 main steps

First : general acceptance terms

Second : welcomhing mechanism of freshmen

Third : admittance in direct admittance departments

First : general admitance terms

1-he must be a graduate of iraqi secondary schools with an authenticated diploma from administrate of education of governorate or any equivalent certficate

2-he must pass medical exam of each study . a blind student who meets the rquirements of a suitable humantarian study can admit to college via central admitance system

3-student must be fully dedicated to study . job and study don't go hand in hand in main stream colleges and institutions this apply to employees who can't continue study without formal permission from their institutions

4-candidate must be within first 4th quarter of islamic highschool graduates with an average of 65% . they are accepted in arabic language and history departments

Second : welcoming mechanism

After the student checks his name within acceptance lists ,carrying with him necessary official documents , he must show in person and no one can replace him . steps are

1-recieve registeration forms from the committee of welcoming and registerring freshmen , division of registeration unit in college . these forms include ( student's file , student information form , ID form , choosing department form )

2-fill forms with correct and accurate data of student into registeration unit to check them along with his official papers and to be then put in a joint file

3-with the file in his hand , student goes to head of registeration unit to sign approval of his information

4-form a committee of specialized lecturers in arabic language and psychology , this committee interviews students and asks students ( males / females ) questions that assisst some skills of students such as coordination and speech to verify his fitness and aligability failure to pass interview , the file is returned to students and sent to ministry of higher education to look for admittance in another institutions that fill his needs

5-student must come in person and no substitution to continue his registeration procedures within 2 weeks . failure to do this , his admittance is cancelled and not allowed to study in the college

6-after the deadline of registeration , another committee of teachers of various specializations is formed to distribute students on departments according to students' desire . and his competative average in humantarian and scientific departments ( arabic language  english language  history , geography  general sciences , islamic education , mathematics , special education , 1st class teachers )

7-registeration issues lists of names of students accepted according to departments and the student must go to his department to begin study

8-department distributes students into classes . thus student is officially the responsibility of department

9-department of physical education and sport sciences however adopts direct admittance policy depending on a number of physical tests and scales for both genders

10-after distributing stuents on departments , dean meets them and explains to them how to communicate with departments , follow rules and regularities to be academically distinguished and cooperate with each other and teachers   














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