Computer Science Department

The Department in Brief

The department of Computer Science (CS) was established in 1983. It was one of the College of Science departments until July 7, 1999. Then, it joined the College of Computer Science and Mathematics when it was first established on July 28, 1999. The department of CS aims to integrate the concepts of Computer Science and the other science fields. It also aims to enrich students with the required knowledge that contributes in developing many software projects that can be adopted by the local institutions. The department also seeks to enable students in evaluating different kinds of life problems/issues and how to find the optimal technological solutions. This is achieved by providing students with the most recent programming concepts and tools. In addition, the department tries to teach students on how to think properly, how to gain skills, and how to work as teams. This can be performed through the yearly regular projects, university and college competitions, and the graduation projects. Another goal of the department is to prepare the students to be qualified for the graduate programs (High Diploma, Masters, and Doctorate programs). Finally, the department of CS aims to bridge the market needs with its academic programs in a professional way.


The department of CS seeks to be one of the leading institutions in the world of technology to serve our community and support numerous life aspects.. The department alsolooksto adopt advanced curriculumsfor the graduate and the undergraduate levels of study as well as adopting the most recent trends in the research field.


The department of CS is looking to contribute in promoting our country and serve our society through providing the community with technology professionals. It also try to tie between the academic aspects and the current needs of the job market.To this end, the department conducts conferences, workshops, trainning courses, and social activities for its students.


  • Adopting advanced curriculums that are applicable in our life aspects.
  • Concentrating the research activities on the most recent trends in the Computer Science field and encourage the faculty members to solve the community-related issues.
  • Conducting academic activities and training courses for the outstanding students in the department.
  • Conducting conferences, workshops, symposiums, and training courses for the faculty members of the department and activate the scientific collaboration with other local and international universities.
  • Building the capacity of the students and encourage them to interact with the community, which eventually support providing the community with qualified graduates.
  • Integrating the fields of Computer Science and the concepts of the other science fields.


Head of Department:

Prof. Dr. Mafaz Mohsen Khaleel


Department Rapporteur

Mr. Zaid Abdulillah Mundhir


Computer Science Department Faculty Members

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