The Department of Mathematics
The Department of Mathematics was established in 1963 and was one of the first Departments of the Faculty of Science at the University of Mosul . The aim of its foundation was to provide the other scientific departments of the university with Mathematics as well as to providing the Directorate of Education with a teaching staff in the field of Mathematics and Statistics . As a result of the massive scientific development which has been happened in the nineties and because of contribution of active mathematics in the construction and development of computer sciences , the College of Computers Sciences and Mathematics was founded in 1999 and the Department of Mathematics was the main part in it. The teaching staff in the Department of Mathematics consist of Masters( M.Sc.) and Ph.D degree holders and also various scientific titles. And the department granted a science degree in Mathematics for students of primary studies and a certificate (M.Sc. and Ph.D) for graduate students and areas of Applied and Pure Mathematics. The department contains a collections of halls and laboratories where the halls consist of (6) large classrooms accommodating at least (70) students in addition to (4) postgraduate halls, and there are two primary studies laboratories equipped with at least (10) computers for each laboratory , also general laboratory for graduate studies and Internet and also provided with at least (10) computers and smart board.

The vision
The department aspires to be a pioneer in the field of Pure and Applied Mathematics , his interest is focuses to develop his scopes in various field that serve the scientific process in order to enrich the knowledge society.

The letter
The department seeks to the active contribution by elevation and advancement of the country to the ranks of developed countries via graduating cadres in the field of Pure and Applied Mathematics and different undergraduates , graduates and postgraduates certificates to serve the community.

Objectives of the department
Provide the community with qualified cadres for teaching and development.
To growth abilities of the students and scholars to participate actively and effectively to serve the community.
The connection between the scientific research and the problems which are facing the state institutions and the private sector through applied research.

Reactivate the scientific cooperation between the university and other universities in the field of scientific research for studies and research.

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