Department of Statistics and

Informatics Overview

The Department of Statistics and Informatics was established in 1979 after branching from the Department of Mathematics – College of Sciences. Since then, the department became one of the most academic-leaders provider at the University of Mosul. Originally, undergraduate studies were only offered for students. Eventually after hiring the needed academic staff and developing the department facilities, the department opened its first graduate program in 1986, which was an MSc program in Statistics. A few years later, a PhD program in Statistics initially offered in 1993 to transfer statistical experience to the next generations.

In 1999, the Department of Statistics, along with the Department of Computer Sciences and the Department of Mathematics Sciences, were the seeds of the College of Computer Sciences and Mathematics, which was newly established earlier in that year. The new College specialized in teaching modern computer and mathematical techniques, including information technology and data management and analytics. That leads to renaming The Department of Statistics to The Department of Statistics and Informatics in order to accommodate with the new atmosphere and for a better representation of the department goals.

The main task of the Department of Statistics and Informatics is to provide the society with qualified alumni that contribute in many sectors in our life, where Statistics plays a prominent role in identifying and addressing issues and simplifies planning.


The Department of Statistics features an experienced teaching staff that consists of 42 faculty members and lecturers. Moreover, the Department of Statistics issues its own scientific journal, the IRAQI JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL SCIENCES, which is specialized in publishing statistics-related articles and papers.

The Department of Statistics operates The Statistical Consultancy Bureau. The Bureau is led by a group of experts, who specialized in Statistics to provide the needed statistical and analytical services to all researchers at the university of Mosul to achieve the optimal use of statistical tools in various academic fields.


The goal of the department is to maintain the distinguished scientific reputation derived from the quality of its alumni in terms of knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform robust statistical analyses and decision making.


The Department of Statistics and Informatics should be a leading center in education and scientific research.

 Department Objectives:

  • Continuous aspiration towards excellence in education, scientific research, and professional services in various sciences.
  • Prepare students for the labor market and develop their communication abilities to positively interact with others through active participation in the training program.


  • Acquire skills to demonstrate ideas and encourage team work through graduation projects.
  • Prepare students for graduate studies in the field of Statistics and Informatics.
  • Preparing specialized scientific leaders through graduate programs.
  • Interaction with other sciences, especially mathematics and computer.


Dr. Muthana Subhi Sulaiman, Department Head.

Dr. Bashar Abdul-Aziz Al-Talib, Deputy Head of the Department.

Dr. Omar Salim Ibraheem, Director of the Undergraduate Studies.

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