The spread of technology and informatics today eliminates the need toclarifythe importance of the specialization of computer science - this broad and renewed science has been serving all sciences adding its own imprintand achieved a major shift for various disciplines such as medicine, engineering and others.Most of today's sciences based on computer science in one way or another, which is primarily associated with mathematics in many aspects.We do not exaggerate if we say that today's sciences combined, need the various computer sciences. This science has shortened distances, reduced times and made it easier for the hardest missions.. Even the impossible of yesterday became the reality of today thanks to the revolution of technology that has overflowed and favored on the rest of the sciences.The spread of computer science today, its diversity, its openness to other sciences and disciplines, puts us all, management and associates, in this college in front of a unique challenge and that is keeping up with rapid advances in technology.Ithardly comes a day until a new technology has emerged, and as is known, nothing has appeared, unless it has followed by something gone, new technology has erased its sister and its predecessor.Therefore, it was our duty to keep abreast of developments and update our curriculum all the time so that our dear student will keep up with every update on every science and knowledge related to the specialization of our college.The Departments of this deep-rooted college did not meet in vain or unintentionally, Of course, not... The correlation between them is clear, and reliability is almost at its highest. So we in this college are trying to build an integrated system, from faculty member to student, to integrate expertise and transfer of knowledge between one department and another, through the implementation of an accurate work program that has been prepared in advance that extends the bridges of interconnection between departments, professors and students, to reflect a positive impact on society, which it's serving today has become the motto of the University of Mosul in general.Over the years, the College of Computer Science and mathematics has graduated many students at the level of both, postgraduate and undergraduate students most of them were good science-based especially in Mosul (Al-Hadbaa) and in our dearcountry Iraq in general. Our college has provided various departments and sectors of the state, and even the private sector, with many experiences that have played a prominent role in its work environment.It is also worth mentioning that the activities  of the college of Computer Science and Mathematics are not limited to teaching and giving lectures only, but based on the need for diversity in the presentation and delivery of knowledge and technology for various scientific and cognitive stages. The College sponsored many activities that support the scientific process where it held many conferences, seminars, scientific exhibitions and purposeful cultural seasons. The departments also launched intensive summer projects and courses with the aim of developing and qualifying the students in the belief in the need to qualify the student to the labor market to be a building block in the society of technology, information and electronic government.

On behalf of the College staff as well as myself, I say: the earnest intention of college associates are honed, And their forearms are outstretched and joined together. Your college is nothing but a beehive works incoherence and solidarity to provide a mindful and purposeful scientific product....”They planted, so we ate, and we plant, so they would eat” Let me finish, by best wishes and good luck to my dear students, and to all the students in general, success and brilliance, especially our students the distinction and creativity to be the elements and the factors of strength and success that work and positively affect the society.


Prof. Dr. Daha Bashir Abdullah Al-Bazzaz

The Dean

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