Department of Electrical Engineering


To be distinguished in education research and community service in the field of electrical engineering.


To provide an educational programs characterized by depth in the field of specialization with comprehensiveness in engineering foundations. And disseminate engineering knowledge and contribute to its development in the field of specialization. In addition to serving industrial projects and specialists in all sectors of community.



  • Preparingefficient engineering staff  in the field of electronic and communications engineering, and power & machine engineering, as well as preparing specialized engineering staff with postgraduate degree and in the same field above in order to contribute to the comprehensive development and urban renaissance in the country .
  • Contribute to the provision of academic, scientific, practical and applied services and consultants to all sectors of the state, public, mixed and private, throughcooperation agreements, as well as through consultancy bureau of College of Engineering .
  • Preparing research that works and contributes to solving engineering and industrial problems and obstacles facing industrial establishments and projects in the country.
  • Contribute to the dissemination and development of engineering knowledge and the transfer of the latest developments in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering to engineers in various fields of work through the establishment of continuing education courses and training courses, as well as through the publication of scientific research in specialized local and international scientific journals.
  • Development ofacademic staff by sending them in delegate scientific participation in conferences, seminars or joint workshops with Arab and international institutions and global or as well as by granting licenses to full - time work at universities outside the country , which helps in the exchange and development of expertise .
  • Participation in organizing and holding of conferences, seminars, workshops and scientific discussions inside and outside the country.

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