The Department of Electrical Engineering was established in September of the academic year 1964-1965, which was then affiliated with the College of Engineering - University of Baghdad. After the establishment of the University of Mosul on the first of April 1967, the following department joined with the Department of Civil Engineering. The period of study in the department was four years, it turned in 1971 to five years and lasted until 1976, then it turned again to four years, given the need of the country as a result of the development that took place at the time in the field of building factories and factories and developing electrical institutions. Postgraduate studies were created in the years 1976 - 1977 in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, power, and machinery, which was limited to studying higher diploma, where 17 students graduated before, including 7 students to study masters, which began in 1977 -1978. Since the academic year 1981-1982, the stage of higher diploma has been canceled so that admission to a master's degree is accepted directly. Doctorate Study started in 1992-1993 with specializations in telecommunications, electronics, power, and machinery. Higher diploma study also resumed 2010 till now.

Academic programs in Electrical Engineering Department

Undergraduate studies

The department awards a bachelor's degree with two specialties:
• Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, with a specialization in Power and machines.
• Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering with a specialization in electronics and communications.
The duration of the study in each major is four years, and the first academic year is shared by both majors. As for the next three years, the two branches study separately.

Postgraduate Studies

The department grants diplomas of higher diploma, master's and doctorate degrees to the (Power and Machines) and (Electronic and Communications) branches. Master's and doctorate degrees are awarded in different disciplines for each branch.

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