Leadership in the development, control, and optimization of water resources in Iraq for irrigation, power production, storage, and distribution projects.


Qualify competent engineers to work in the field of water resources to meet the current and future challenges related to the optimal use of water resources.

1. To qualify the graduates by a considerable practice and a scientific foundation in the aspects of the water resources subjects. Their abilities include identifying and resolving the issues related to water resources, taking the role of leadership at the scientific and administrative level, and contributing to developing the society and the economics of the country.

2. To enhance the position of our department in the community through providing the services, whether in the public or private sector, by presenting continuing education programs, training workshops, and lectures, or by providing engineering consultancy in the fields of water resources engineering.

3. To explore the prospects of the existed infrastructure of water resources projects, to add a valuable contribution to the planning, designing, implementation, and operation.

4. To qualify students through sharing new education programs, field visits to related projects, and hosting experts from relevant institutions, to clarify the process of leading or supervising projects.

5. To share and expand our potential by communicating with the related international educational institutions, such as universities and research centers, to add and enhance our expertise of institutions.

6. To develop engineering knowledge through the movement of researches, conducting experiments, writing, and translation. As well as, documenting the scientific movement of cooperation with scientific or technical institutions.

7. To develop the laboratories to be parallel with the process of educational research, and to extend the professional experience in engineering applications.

8. To re-review and evaluate the present teaching syllabus to monitor the main interest of the scientific progress to fulfill society's needs.

9. To provide the community with the people of a distinguished ability to deal with strategic engineering projects, by providing a considerable postgraduate program (Diploma, MSc, and Ph.D. degrees) in the fields of dams and water resources engineering.

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