The department provides a wide range of facilities for training and research in Mechatronics Engineering. The research sides in the Mechatronics Engineering department mainly focus on: The Automation of Industrial Systems, Adjustable Control, Neural Networks applications, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Control, Remote Controlling Techniques, The simulation of physical systems, Mechanical systems control, and Robots. Currently, there are three main research paths as follows:

1-Robot Technology:

The robot is considered a mechanical machine that can be programmed to perform numerous tasks. The areas of robot technology usage expanded to include the inspection and production in the human risk environment. The robots could be damaged and face errors that affect its performance, in addition to obstacles that may appear it its path. Staff currently working on the study of fault diagnosis for the robot arm and obstacles avoidance in this field are:

  • Assistant Prof Dr. Saad Zaglul Saeed
  • Lecturer Muhammed Azhar
  • Assistant Lecturer Zyad Mohammed Yousif

The current researches in this field are:

  • Faults Diagnosis in Robot Systems: A Review
  • Reactive mobile robot navigation



2-Medical devices for rehabilitation and Artificial organs:

Humans are affected daily by different accidents that lead to various levels of disability in organs functions. Staff researching this field are:

  • Assistant Dr. Rafid Ahmed Khaleel
  • Lecturer Aws Hazim Sabir

Main researches in this path:

  • Aws Anaz, Marjorie Skubic, Jay Bridgeman, and David M. Brogan, “Classification of Therapeutic Hand Poses Using Convolutional Neural Networks,” IEEE International Conference of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC),
  • Khalil, Rafid Ahmed, Aws Anaz. "FPGA Implementation of Adaptive Noise Canceller." AL Rafdain Engineering Journal 17, no. 4 (2009): 63-72.
  • Aws Anaz, Marjorie Skubic, Jay Bridgeman, and David M. Brogan, “Automated And Non-contact Human Finger Range Of Motion Measurement System ,” under preparation.


3-Surgical Robots:

with the fast-growing technology in medical devices, many surgical techniques have been made. During the last three decades, surgical robots industry has developed and been used in real-life surgical operations. Researches and studies to develop surgical systems with the use of robots have been accomplished. In our department, we follow this important path.

  • Assistant Dr. Saad Zaglul Saeed
  • Prof Assistant Dr. Saad Ahmed Salih
  • Lecturer Omar Waleed Najm

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