Ibn Khaldun Library


It was established in the University of Mosul’s second campus in 2000 to facilitate the lending of references, theses, books and periodicals of concern for researchers, postgraduates and undergraduates of the colleges located in the second campus. At that time, a special book section was created in the name of the late Dr. Layla Abdullah, and a new unit for book restoration that repaired back more than 1500 books to be ready for borrowing again. In 2017, the library was destroyed due to the terrorist operations and thousands of publications were burnt and lost. In 2019, the UNDP, in coordination and supervision of the Presidency of the University of Mosul, reconstructed and reopened the library to start again providing its services to library users. The library’s sections include Reference Section, Arab Resources Section, Foreign Resources Section, Cataloguing and Classification Section, Computerized Information Section, Book Restoration Section, Library Borrowing Cards Issuing Section.

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