About the Library.

In 1967, the city of Mosul was on a date with a radical transformation in its educational and cultural life, and witnessed subsequent developments, which were the foundation of the University of Mosul and the Central Library at the same time. The library was considered, and still, a cultural and scientific monument despite of its small building and limited staff then. The university paid special attention to the library and provided it with all what was needed to distinguish it among other Iraqi university libraries. The library’s new three-storey building, that contains reading and research halls, was established in the heart of the university on an area of ten thousand square meters. At that time, The university contracted with one of the Danish companies to furnish the library and provide it with the necessary advanced equipment to serve the researchers.

The library was destroyed and burned by terrorism, but after liberation, many volunteers and university members participated in saving some of the books saved from destruction.

 Now, many international and local efforts joined to support the library. The library is still in need of exceptional  support.

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