Word of the Secretary-General of the Central Library

Good greeting,

   Cognition and awareness are one of the most important bases of building a cohesive and active society capable of advancement and development. Book is one of the important tools for this civilized role and is the source of reading which is one of the most important tributaries of culture, and science as it is known comes only by learning and book is a means to this science. After the killing, burning and destruction caused by ISIS and suffered by the City of Mosul, the University of Mosul and the Central Library, and after the victory over this terrorism on the ground, we must all work to spread and develop awareness to eliminate all kinds of ignorance and terrorism and prevent them intellectually. Beyond the traditional role and stereotyped images of the University library, the Central Library at Mosul University seeks to be a gateway through which researchers and students cross to reach all scientific, literary and human requirements as well as all sorts of information by the organized management of the latest technology means that contribute to the rapid and easy building of society consciousness and awareness. Accordingly, the Central Library seeks to provide bridges of communication with students, university members, partners and local and international friends, whether they are activists or supporters to contribute and raise awareness of the role of the Central Library and its services in an up-to-date way. A way that goes hand in hand with the latest contemporary developments in different fields, whether in research or technological fields through support with materials and training as well as reliable sources. Thus, it supports the achievements of the goals and the upgrading of the libraries of the University of Mosul as edifices of science and knowledge and symbols of the university.

Thank you for your support … Our sincere appreciation to you.

                                                                                SAYF MOHAMED DHIYA YOUNIS AL ASHQAR

                                                                                           Secretary-General of the Central Library

                                                                                                         University of Mosul

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