Technical Procedures Division

It is one of the main divisions in the library. Technical procedures are the organizational basis for office work through which all organizational processes such as acquisition, periodicals, etc. are carried out. Cataloging and classification have been done in the most up-to-date ways to facilitate retrieval by library users and visitors.

Its units:

Acquisition Unit:

It develops and builds the received collection of information sources by identifying and selecting them according to their importance in supporting the needs of the University's library users, records and documents their bibliographic data, gives each one of them a serial number (entry) in paper and electronic records and seals the paper prints with the Central Library’s logo.

Cataloging and Classification Unit:

It organizes the information resources through the Descriptive Cataloging Process according to the rules of the second edition of the Anglo-American Catalogue and the Subject Cataloging, based on the twenty-third edition of the Dewey Decimal Classification System and the Sha’ban Abdulaziz Khalifa’s Lists of the Standard Arab Subject Headings. It also prepares the library paper and automated card catalogue based on the open source Integrated Library Koha System to make it easier for the library users to search for and retrieve information resources.

Dedication and Exchange Unit

It receives the donated paper information resources, sends some the duplicate and less important information resources to the branch libraries and sends the rest to the Acquisition Unit. In addition, it provides the donators with appreciation letters.

Publication Maintenance Unit

It maintains all sorts of damaged paper prints to be usable by the library users again.

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