Computerized Systems Division:

 1- Research Unit:

 - provides information services for the users of the Central Library,

 - guides them to the location of the sources of information of interest,

 - guides them to the use of indexes and bibliographies,

 - shows them some basic references related to the subjects of their research,

 - provides photocopies of researches from British Library,

 - provides information sources of interest to the researchers are available through the communication with international authors,

 - provides the researchers with all new sources of information through the Current Awareness Bulletin,

- provided information sources from the international databases on CDs in 1988,

- developed a standardized index for all periodicals using the CDS/ISIS system with the help of UNESCO,

 - prepares an automated index for all researches and articles obtained from the British Library, personal correspondence and exchange of researches between the Iraqi universities, reaching the number of 12,600 foreign researches and hundreds of Arab researches in 1990,

 - connected with the Iraqi National Information Network, which includes Iraqi universities and information centers in 1992,

 - considered the only division which owned the databases on CDs,

 - connected with the International Information Network to provide all the information sources needed by researchers in 1999,

- copied the dissertations and theses on CDs and distributed them to all Iraqi universities.

2- Electronic Library Unit

 - was established with simple tools developed over time with increasing experience and understanding of scientific and cultural data. - provides digital information sources.

 - provides books that are not available or expensive.

 - depends on quickly obtained electronic publishing.

 - aims to provide scholarly knowledge.

 - accomplished significant achievements with modest potential. - provides data with different document formats: (Word, PDF, HTML, DJVU, E-BOOK).

 - classifies data in a special manual and by various terms of reference, topic, address and author.

 - provides data in several terms of reference, including politics, economics, geography, agriculture, medicine, science and literature in Arabic and foreign languages, from international sites and books.

 - provides students and researchers with digital data in CD format.


 - teaches students how to use some of the international databases linked with the Central Library.


 3- Thesis Unit: At present, the Research Unit and the Thesis Unit perform the same functions in providing the users with theses of interest.

4- Computer Consultative and Maintenance Unit:

 It is specialized in maintaining the Library’s computers and printers.

5- The Library’s Website Unit:

It performs the publishing of the Library’s activities, events and exceptional functions on the University website / the Central Library.


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