Division of Administrative Affairs:

             It is one of the main divisions of the Central Library, which focuses on the human element in administration. It is the most productive of all. Human Resources Management and Development is a key pillar of the Central Library, which aims to strengthen organizational capabilities, empower and develop the necessary qualifications capable of keeping up with current and future challenges. Human resources can contribute to the objectives of the Central Library. Human resources management means, in short, the optimal use of the available and anticipated human element and its competence, capabilities and experiences and enthusiasm for work. Therefore, the Division of Administrative Affairs has been interested in developing principles and foundations that help to make full use of human resources.

Units and functions:

Human Resources Unit:

  • It grants regular leave, confinement and maternity leave and sick leave for entitled personnel in accordance with the university laws and regulations,
  • organizes regular and emergency leave for library staff,
  • grants annual promotions, allowances, and changes the job titles of the library members through the human resources at the presidency of the University of Mosul,
  • refers legal-age employees to retirement,
  • forms standing and temporary committees to catty out the library's tasks,
  • prepares staffing resources of the lecturers and technical and administrative staff,
  • follows-up the process of attendance and departure of the entire library’s members through electronic fingerprint statements,
  • archives the library’s members files and develops a comprehensive database of employees,
  • and nominates library staff for internal and external courses and participates in various committees.

Accounting Unit:

  • It lists salaries monthly in coordination with the financial affairs of the university presidency,
  • and manages the library's financial resources.

Public Relations and Information Unit:

  • It provides Information about all the library’s activities and publishes them on the library’s social networking sites and the university's website.

Quality Assurance and University Performance Unit:

  • It evaluates job performance and providing information related to the performance of department staff,
  • and follows-up plans and programs for the library related to its performance and development.

Planning Unit:

  • It prepares statistics for quarterly activity periodically.
  • updates the data of the statistical system of human resources on the ministry system (electronic portal for human resources system) within the electronic portal.
  • and prepares the action plans for the Central Library.

Service Unit:

  • It supervises the cleaning of the library buildings in the alternative location.

 Store Unit:

  • It adjusts the contents of the store by receiving and delivering materials and coordinating with the main stores of the university.
  • manages periodic inventory of the store contents.
  • and secures and distributes office materials and equipment to meet the needs of departments and employees and provides appropriate work tools for the members.

ID Unit:

  • It follows-up the issuance of IDs to members of the Central Library.

Electricity Unit:

  • It provides regular services and maintenance of electrical appliances in the library.

Follow-up Unit:

  • The Follow-up Unit follows up the issuance of the badges and identities of the library staff members.




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