User Service Division:

It serves library users and provides information materials to them, and receives visitors to brief them on the services provided by the Central Library.

Affiliate Units:

  1. Circulation Unit

It issues borrowing cards, receives library materials returned by the due date, sends out overdue notices to borrowers, charges and receipts overdue fines, extends borrowers’ rental when needed, and stamps the acquittance certificates.

  1. Book Hall:

It helps library users access the information resources classified from (000_999) according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System and provides them with internal and external lending of books indexed by subject, address and author.

  1. Thesis Unit:

It provides researchers, postgraduates and fourth-year undergraduates with Arabic and foreign theses.

  1. Reference Unit:

It provides researchers, postgraduates and fourth-year undergraduates with references such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, and atlases classified by Dewey Decimal Classification System and electronically stored on Excel and have special index cards.

  1. Reading Room:

It has seats and tables to provide a perfect and comfortable reading atmosphere.

  1. International Room:

It has 4,703 books donated by countries, embassies, organizations and international personalities. The books are especially accessible to researchers and postgraduates.

  1. Unit of Periodicals

It provides Arab and foreign periodicals and collections of important old periodicals saved from the destruction caused by the recent terrorist events. Lending periodicals is internal for freshmen, sophomores and juniors whereas it is external for researchers, postgraduates and seniors

  • Note:

The Governmental and UN Publication Unit is located inside the Unit of Periodicals. Its publications are issued by the Iraqi ministries and UN and are accessible to all the library users. Only internal borrowing is permitted.

  1. Discussion Rooms:

They are two recently created discussion rooms each of which consists of six partitioned discussion areas equipped with data projectors. They are available for prior booking and use by postgraduates and researchers.

  1. Rare Book Unit:

This Unit provides the postgraduates and researchers with books that have been saved from the destruction of the Central Library due to the recent terrorist events. The books are reclassified, electronically restored and rearchived in cooperation with the College of Archaeology. Only internal borrowing is permitted.

  1. Exhibition Room:

This is a recently created room to view a number of rare books dedicated by its authors, partly burned books saved after the recent terrorist events, photos of Baghdad's historic gates, photos of Mosul’s residential, government and worship places and photos donated by the College of Fine Arts on the reopening of the Central Library.


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