-The Central Library Holds a Course Specialized in Cataloging and Classification for the Staff of the Center of Mosul Studies

As part of the quest of the University of Mosul, headed by Prof. Dr. Kossay Al-Ahmady, to establish the principle of working in the spirit of the team, and under the supervision and follow-up of Mr. Sayf Al-Ashqar, Secretary-General of the University Libraries, the Technical Procedures Division in the Central Library holds a specialized course in cataloging and classification for the staff of the Center of Mosul Studies to catalog and classify the books and periodicals of their library according to the latest technical methods adopted in advanced universities. Dr. Mayson Al-Abayajy, Director of the Center for Mosul Studies, expressed her thanks and appreciation for the continued support provided by the General Secretariat of the University Libraries and its technical staff for the cadres of collegiate libraries and centers with scientific information and technical experiences, including the staff of the Center for Mosul Studies, to provide the best services to the users of their libraries as an essential part of the Library’s scientific and technical mission.

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