Division of Continuing Education

Since 2013, the Continuing Education Division has been working to unify the work of all Central Library units in order to save time and money, coordinate efforts and provide the latest and best training to all human resources in the library and branch libraries in all colleges to meet the requirements of quality training.

During the last years (from 2020 to the first half of 2022), the Continuing Education Division has held (35) electronic and non-electronic training courses and workshops.

The Division trains individuals and groups to contribute to the development of human resources, update its skills in library sciences and library mechanization on the KOHA system. Traditional and modern training programs are constantly being prepared in the library to achieve the following division’s objectives:

1- Providing new knowledge and information to the employees of the library to meet the needs of their daily work and improving their performance to cope with cultural, social and technological developments.

2- Preparing, implementing and evaluating workshops for library and university members and various external parties

3-preparing an action plan to nominate members of the courses and studies in coordination with other departments

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