Borrowing instructions in the Central Library

The information sources in the Central Library are accessible by lecturers, postgraduates, undergraduates and staff of the University of Mosul after being provided with a borrowing identity. The most important instructions of the library use and subscription conditions are as follow:

- Lecturers and PhD students can borrow six books and MA students can borrow five books, whereas the university staff can borrow four books for fifteen days, renewing is permissible.

- Last year undergraduates can borrow four books, whereas other graduates can borrow two books for seven days.

- Borrowing by someone else’s borrowing identity is not allowed.

- Library can seize and prevent circulating certain books as necessary.

- References, rare books, governmental and organizational publications and theses can be borrowed internally only, external borrowing is allowed for photocopying at weekend for two days only.

- Lecturers and postgraduates can borrow four periodicals for three days.

- If a library user lost a borrowed publication, he should provide the library with an identical one or pay twice the price of the lost publication according to the prevailing price in the local market, plus (100) dinars for every late day as a late fine.

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