College's mission


In the pursuit of leadership among medical colleges locally, regionally, and internationally, the College of Medicine provides a high-quality medical education environment, an educational atmosphere that stimulates creativity and excellence, and a research program designed to produce and disseminate theoretical and applied knowledge, and its contribution for providing curative and preventive health care to the community by:

  1. Developing a spirit of belonging among the college's members, staff, students, and graduates.
  2. Graduating competent physicians mastering the fundamental medical knowledge and skills necessary for practicing in the medical field of different specialties according to international standards as well as preserving the social values, being capable of self-learning and professional development.
  3. Developing communication and scientific research skills for medical college students.
  4. Promoting excellence in postgraduate studies and research that work for the local community.
  5. Offering patient-centered healthcare to the local community and local health institutions.

The College of Medicine accomplishes its mission by developing and updating the curriculum and the academic program; and investing its available human and material resources in the educational and training process. It supports the educational hospitals, promotes community service programs, and develops the environment through awareness campaigns, conferences, scientific seminars, continuous medical education and cooperation agreements with multiple entities to advance medical and research efficiency for the college's affiliates. 


College’s Values

  1. Respect and appreciation


The college respect opinions and ideas and value excellence and creativity in order to build institutional confidence in the quality of services they provide to the college's affiliates, students, and community. No matter their ethnic, religious, sectarian, ethnic affiliation, or cultural background, the college welcomes them all.


  1. Quality:

Application of the highest quality standards in all phases of work to achieve exceptional results.

  1. Professionalism:

Maintaining a professional connection amongst affiliates based on morality, science, and social ideals.


  1. Affiliation:

Enhancing all affiliates' and students' feelings of institutional belongingness.

  1. Discipline:

Performing responsibilities and obtaining rights on a regular basis.


  1. Teamwork:

  Cooperation among college`s affiliates for achieving the issues of the mission.

  1. Integrity:

Clarity and transparency in all administrative and academic procedures.


  1. Responsibility and accountability:

 Acknowledging responsibility and performing tasks in accordance with the responsibility system.


  1. Scientific Freedom:





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