Teaching modern medicine in all disciplines in three main dimensions:

  1. Information. 2- Skills.   3. Attitudes.

Following the latest scientific methods based on evidence-based medicine and the latest advanced medical references.

The message:

Graduating highly qualified doctors with valuable skills and information capable of performing their sacred profession effectively in the community.


  1. Teaching medical information and developing skills and attitudes to make the graduate doctors able to:

A-Managing the various health needs of the community in various medical fields.

B - Effective communication with patients and their relatives and health staff as a whole in a manner that serves all social and behavioral values.

C - Getting the latest medical information using the latest advanced medical techniques such as evidence-based medicine.

D - Completion of medical specialization in various fields.

E - management of various health areas when needed.

F-Working and living  as community leaders by giving the role and good example of society to patients.

2 - Solving community health problems, if any.

3- Developing the standards and skills of the teaching staff of the faculty through continuous medical education and training through workshops and conferences.

4 - Working to develop and conduct high-level medical researchers in various fields and publishing them  in addition to supporting the teaching staff to write scientific books necessary for the teaching process.

5 – Presenting support and communication with all civil society institutions in the governorate  and the country.

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