Dean's Message                         

In the name of Allah the Merciful


Dear all Visitors of the official site of the College,






Welcome to the College of Petroleum Engineering and Mining/ Mosul University official site.

This college was established at August 2013, which currently includes three departments (Petroleum and Mining Engineering, Petroleum and Refining Engineering, and Petroleum and Reservoir Engineering) for the undergraduate students, the college is keen forward to keep alongside of recent developments in the fields of petroleum engineering, and is interested in the quality, and modernity of the skills acquired by graduates and their willingness to engage in professional oil fields.

In addition to providing excellent engineers to complete their studies in any country around the world to enhance their academic and professional abilities in this field.

In addition to the college's interest in the scientific process, it always pursue to have a positive role in cultivating the spirit of love and cooperation in society by containing its students from different cultures and cities in an attempt to exploit this diversity among its students to remove the differences between all spectrums of Iraqi society, to contribute to provide a humanitarian and ethical message and cultural locally and globally.

With the beginning of new studied year 2019-2010, we say welcome to our students specially the new students, and hope to be successes and accommodating.


Prof. Dr. Nabeel Yusuf Al-Banna

College of Petroleum and Mining Engineering,

University of Mosul