Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Department, one of the scientific departments of the College of Petroleum and Mining Engineering. It’s a precise scientific specialization in the field of oil reservoir engineering. It applies scientific principles to the fluid flow through porous medium during the development and production of oil and gas reservoirs so as to obtain a high economic recovery.

The message:

Work to supply the Petrole sector with Petroleum engineering cadres specialized in the field of Petrole industry technology and invest it with lowest costs and the largest amount of production. As well as providing advice to state institutions operating in the Petrole and mining sectors.


Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Sector in the College of Petroleum and Mining Engineering at the University of Mosul to:

1) Teaching and training students using the latest theoretical and applied educational curricula and practices in other universities.

2) Enabling the department’s graduates to gain familiarity with the vocabulary in the field of petroleum industry technology and to provide them with skills that keep pace with development and modern technologies to be used in the field of subtle specialization in Iraq.

3) Providing consultations and scientific consultations, postgraduate studies, and those working in the internal field, and contributing to solving scientific problems and issues related to the topic in the graduation projects and its workshop in communication and translation projects.


4) Work on preparing creative specialized cadres for post-bachelor's degree in the ability to develop and develop scientific frameworks in the field of industry and mining, and to meet the needs of society directly.