Graduation projects , 2019-2020

1.       Comparison Study of production optimization of Kirkuk oil field with fields in southern Iraq and other fields in the world

2.       Simulation of a crude oil separation unit in oil field

3.       Qualifying of sludge deposits in Shallalat area for using as drilling mud

4.       Petrol transportation using control system

5.       Drilling problems in Zubair oil field and treatment methods

6.       Oil reservoir drilling problem

7.       Cementation of Oil production wells

8.       Petro physical properties study of Al-Nasiriya Oil field

9.       Water injection

10.    Formation evaluation of East Baghdad Oil field by well logs

11.    Advanced prediction of permeability in Dawood dome of Bai-hasan Tertiary reservoir

12.    Estimation of surge pressure and swab pressure (comparative study)

13.    Reserve estimation by decline curve analysis method

14.    The production performance of Oil wells with constant flow rate in different shapes of anisotropic reservoir

15.    Formation evaluation of Qayyarah Oil field by well logs

16.    Rheological properties of drilling fluid and its effect on cutting transfer

17.    Study of drilling bit using criteria of minimum well

18.    Petro physical properties study of Himreen Oil field

19.    Hydraulic Gas Production From Natural Gas

20.    Evaluation Of Drive Mechanism In Tertiary Reservoir Of Qayara Field

21.    Comparison Study For Sulfur Content Of Petroleum In Qayara And Ainzala Fields

22.    Drilling optimization using MSP

23.    Determination of radiation ratio within samples of crude oil

24.    CO2 And Water Injection For Improvement Of Reservoir Production Using Eclipse Software

25.    Effects Of Shot Peening Treatment On Corrosion Resistance For Bronze Alloy And Stainless Steel Alloy In Crude Oil And Molten Sulfur

26.    Investigation Of Corrosion Effect Of Crude Oil On Fatigue Life For Carbon Steel Pipes Northern Iraq

27.    Design And Implementation Of Multi-Gas Detecting System

28.    Investigation Of Corrosion Effect On Low Carbon Steel For Multi-Samples Of Crude With Heating Technique