Year Authors  Publications
In-process  Rahma S. Al-Auqadi,   Azealdeen S. Al-Jawadi Geological and geotechnical characteristics of hydroelectric power stations in the tourist stream valleys, N-Iraq
2020 Mr. Omar Haytham Ghanem & Mr. Abdullah Hussein Ibrahim Simulation of Dewatering System in a Mine Shaft Using a Prototype Model Driving by Arduino Microprocessor

Ahmed Daabo, Zaha Kreshat, Rana Farhat, Kasim Rahawi, Adel Mahmood & Tom Lattimore

The suitability of microscale compressed air axial turbine for domestic solar powered Brayton cycle

Ahmed M.Daabo,  Khalid E.Hammob, Omar A.Mohammed, Ali A.Hassan, Thomas Lattimore

Performance investigation and design optimization of micro scale compressed air axial turbine for domestic solar powered Brayton cycle
2020 Mahmood Salman Al-Fadhel, Marwan Mutib

New Azimuthal Resistance Techniques in the Study of Fractures of the Recent Deposition for Selected Sites near Mosul Dam

2020 Maan H. A. Al-Majid

New Petrophysical Equations for the Tanuma-Ahmadi Interval in the East-Baghdad Oil Field


Ahmed M.Daabo, EvangelosBellos, SasaPavlovic, Muhammad Anser Bashird, SaadMahmoud, Raya K.Al-Dadah

Characterization of a micro thermal cavity receiver – Experimental and analytical investigation
2020 Maan H. A. Al-Majid Porosity and Density Evaluation of Fatha-Hartha Interval in East Baghdad Oil Field Using Well Log Data
2020 AHA Suliman, TA Awchi, M Al-Mola, S Shahid Evaluation of remotely sensed precipitation sources for drought assessment in Semi-Arid Iraq
2020 AM Yunos, G Omar, MA Salim, NA Masripan, MHA Al-Mola The Effect of Temperature on the Electrical Conductivity and Microstructure Behaviour of Silver Particles.
2020 Marwan Mutib, Maan ABDULLAH , Fadhil Ali GHAIB A New Contribution to the (IPC) Bouguer Map of a Gap Area in Mosul and Duhok Region (Iraq)   
2019 Asmaa M. Al-Hasany,
Amer Th.AL-Taee,
Haitham A. AL-WAHB
Electrochemical Study of Theophylline - Urea Interaction Using Square
Wave Voltammetry
2019 Marwan Mutib,
Maan H Al-majid,
Fadhil A Ghaib
Implementation of Gravity Investigations across Aqra Structures - Iraq
2019 Maan Hasan Abdullah ALMAJİDMarwan MUTİB  A New Comprehension of the Basement Undulation in North Iraq Resorting to Geomagnetic Investigation
2019 Ayad Mohamed Ahmed, Omer Haitham Kanam Double Cutters Machining Bevel Gears with Spiral Tooth
2019 Ali S. Abass Almwaly, Marwan Mutib, Mohammed Y. Taha Resistivity Isotropicity and Homogeneity for Sub-base Layer of Selected Roads in Ninevah Governorate, Northern Iraq


Sequence stratigraphy of Paleocene–Eocene successions in selected oil wells, Kirkuk area, northern Iraq


Sequence stratigraphy of Aqra Formation (Late Upper Campanian–Maastrichtian) in Geli Zanta corge, Northern Iraq