1_ Vision  

           Seek   for excellence and creativity in the field of legal studies and upgrading the level of legal culture through continuous and constructive interaction with the community .

2_ Massage  

          The message that the collage of law proceeds in its  understanding of  the  scientific  and educational mission of the man whom Allah has honored to try to raise his status by recognizing the sanctity of the right and its importance and defending it and the corresponding obligation that arise . the general aim of human activity it is from this understanding that begins to establish a generation of educated believers in its scientific mission capable of delivering it to deal with all the challenges facing human life in all its fields and complexities .

3_  Goals
       Seeks the college of Law since its inception to achieve its mission and focus on a number of targets stemming from the philosophy and objectives of the university, namely:

1_seek to attract faculty members with expertise and efficiency of scientific excellence.

2_  building the student's personality in its various dimensions according to the system of values of Arab and I, with an emphasis on the methodology of scientific thinking, initiative and a sense of responsibility and then work and public service, and promote affiliation to his homeland and nation to be an individual and valid reformer at the same time.

3_ Develop knowledge by doing scientific research and encourage Whether it's by members of the faculty or students and employed in solving the problems and development issues.

4_ conferences and scientific symposia and seminars, which are looking at solving a specific problem or several problems related to the issues of legal and judicial development.

5_  scientific links with the faculties of the corresponding rights in local universities and the Arab and Islamic world and share experiences with them.

6_ Appling quality standards and improving the performance of the college and its service .


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