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The adoption of achieving economic development and sustainable development goals at the present time is mainly based on the extent of the possibility and efficiency in providing geoinformation and geospatial services in a manner consistent with the renewable needs of the priorities of development programs. Developed countries have realized this fact and have invested a lot of time and money in developing modern technologies for analyzing, collecting and archiving data in various applications to meet the current and future needs of their societies. Read More

Dr. Alaa Nabeel Hamdoon


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Remote Sensing Center was established at the University of Mosul in 1985. The center includes two scientific departments: the department of Digital Processing and Geographic Information System and the department of Natural Resources and engineering science. Remote Sensing Center includes geological and agricultural specializations, computer science and other specializations. The Center has multiple activities, applied projects, training courses, scientific research, and multiple community activities with state departments, private sector, and other Universities. The center has four scientific laboratories.
Location: near Al-Hadba Gate, opposite the deanship of the College of Agriculture and Forestry.


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