Department of Preforming Arts

The Department of Performing Arts was established in 1995; it includes the branches of acting and directing. The department aims to provide educational and artistic institutions with advanced academic and artistic theatrical staff. It grants a Bachelor of Arts in theatrical arts.

Department Academic Staff

Name   Academic Rank
Dr. Omar M. Jindary Assistant Professor/ Head of Department
Dr. Bashar A. Mohammed Professor
Dr. Munqith M. Faisal Assistant Professor
Dr. Aqeel M. Hamed Assistant Professor
Dr. Zaid T. Fadhil Assistant Professor
Dr. Hadeel T. Younis Lecturer
Hanaa Kh. Yousif Assistant Professor
Saddam S. Hanna Lecturer/ Department Rapporteur
Ibrahim S. Mohammed Lecturer
Saadi S. Ali Assistant Lecturer
Liqaa S. Jajji Lecturer
Ali Nadhim Abd Assistant Lecturer
Jinan A. Khider Assistant Lecturer
Sinan A. Abdullah Assistant Lecturer
Zakaria J. Bashir Assistant Lecturer

Form of Academic Program Description

Academic Program – Theatre