MSc & PhD Dates of Discussions – 2022-2023


MSc & PhD Dates of Discussions – College of Science (2023)


Department Student name


05-01-2023 Chemistry Tamara Shamil Abdel
Rahman (MSc student)
Biochemical study of fructosamine 3-kinase enzyme in diabetic patients
09-01-2023 Biology Saad Amrier Ali Abdullah

(MSc student)

The effect of types of insulin injections on the cellular and humoral immune responses of diabetic patients -1- in Mosul city.
09-01-2023 Chemistry Rahma Abdullah Hassan Yahya (MSc student) Synthesis of some new heterocyclic compounds using hydrazide-activated nitrile-hydrazone
10-01-2023 Biology Abeer Mahmoud Faraj
Phenotypic and genetic study of bacteria causing eye abscesses (chalazion)
11-01-2023 Biology Hala Mazhar Yacoub Youssef Al-Tikriti (PhD student) Allelopathic activity of two types of green algae and its effect on some growth traits of three varieties of wheat
12-01-2023 Geology Sami Wasmi Yassin Muhammad Al-Jubouri (MSc student) Preparation of alumina gamma type from Iraqi kaolin clay and its importance in industrial application
12-01-2023 Biology Khairiya Abdul Rahman Abdullah Muhammad (MSc student) A biochemical and hormonal study in women with polycystic ovary syndrome in Nineveh Governorate
15-01-2023 Biology Yazdan Jassim Qro Suleiman Al-Mandakani (MSc student) Protective effect of grape seed oil against histopathological changes induced by Tamsulosin in male albino rats (Rattus norvegicus)
18-01-2023 Biology Wedyan Youssef Bashir
Al-Tikriti (MSc student)
Physiological and biochemical effects of the antioxidant Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) on male albino rats exposed to starvation stress.
25-01-2023 Biology Asma Jabr Bashir Muhammad Al Nuaimi (MSc student) The effect of different doses of the oil extract of the rosemary plant on histological and reproductive parameters in lactating rat mothers and their newborns.
29-01-2023 Chemistry Akram Waad Nayef Ahmed
Al-Obaidi (MSc student)
Exploiting a mixture of locally available biomass waste to produce liquid biofuels and various carbon materials
29-01-2023 Biology Hadeel Tahseen Jamal Al Hashemi (MSc student) Studies on multi-antibiotic resistant bacteria isolated from surgical wounds
30-01-2023 Biology Raya Kanaan Mohammed Ali (MSc student) A comparative study of the effect of aqueous extract of E caryophyllus clove flowers on the vitality and effectiveness of the acetylcholine enzyme in a number of monozoic and polyzoic tapeworms.
30-01-2023 Chemistry Saja Saad Ibrahim Ramadan (MSc student) Study of the effect of the azo group on the electrical conductivity properties of oxadiazole and triazole polymers
31-01-2023 Physics Shaima Haitham Zaki Al-Qadi (MSc student)       Studying the effect of magnetic fields on some blood parameters of leukaemia patients in the laboratory
02-02-2023 Physics Fadwa Fathallah Ahmed
(MSc student)
A computer’s program to fitting the binding energy coefficients for some nuclear models and adding a mathematical term to the closed shells of magic nuclei
02-02-2023 Chemistry Shaima Abdel Razzaq Abdel Qader El Touni (MSc student) Study of the hormone irisin and some biochemical variables in the blood and sweat fluid of patients with diabetic nephropathy in the city of Mosul
05-02-2023 Biology Arwa Hamza Abbas (PhD student) Serological and molecular diagnosis of inflammatory cytokines in patients infected with hepatitis C virus in hospitals in Mosul/Iraq.
05-02-2023 Chemistry Zahraa Mohammed Mahmoud (MSc student)        Studying the relationship of the hormone pereptin in obese people and its associated diseases
21-02-2023 Chemistry Qutaiba Abd Khader Khalaf
Al-Hadidi (MSc student)
Study of the effect of cholecystectomy on some biochemical variables in women before and after menopause in Mosul city.
22-02-2023 Chemistry Rana Falah Jameel Qasim (MSc student) Isolation and partial technique for the enzyme xanthine oxidase and its relationship to some biochemical variables in the blood serum of patients with high uric acid.
26-02-2023 Biology Baraa Raed Mohammed
Al-Sayegh (MSc student)
Fumigation toxicity and repellent effect of honeybee propolis against three types of stored grain insects
27-02-2023 Geology Muhammad Ali Muhammad Suleiman (PhD student) Biostratigraphy, geochemistry, and the paleoenvironment of the Kometan Formation (Late Cretaceous) in selected sections in northeastern Iraq
28-02-2023 Biology Ali Hadi Hamoud Mohammed (MSc student)        The effect of silver nanoparticles on the pathogenicity of some plant fungal pathogens
01-03-2023 Biology Abeer Ali Kadem (PhD student) Physiological causes of male infertility in the city of Mosul and enhancing fertility naturally and chemically
07-03-2023 Biology Tamara Nihad Qassem Al-Taweel (MSc student) Obesity, iron pigmentation and antioxidant capacity in young males (a genetic study)
09-03-2023 Chemistry Maha Ahmed Hamad Taha
Al-Jubouri (MSc student)
Synthesis of some new heterocyclic compounds derived from hydrazide and studying their biological effectiveness
13-03-2023 Biology Raghda Mohamed Sobhi Taha (MSc student)      Isolation and genetic characterization of beavenayl-degrading bacteria from various sources in the city of Mosul
13-03-2023 Chemistry Rajeh Ali Hassan Hamid
(MSc student)
Improving the specifications of heavy derivatives by transforming them into products of higher economic value
14-03-2023 Chemistry Tharee Ghanem Hassan
(PhD student)
Construction and spectroscopic analysis of some heterocyclic compounds derived from coumarin
14-03-2023 Biology Hadeel Suhaib Abdul Karim (MSc student) The relationship between infection with the Epstein Barr Virus and thyroid patients
15-03-2023 Chemistry Iman Abdel Karim Waad Thanoon (MSc student) Biochemical study of hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase enzyme in the blood serum of heart patients
19-03-2023 Chemistry Bassam Faisal Silo (PhD student) A comparative study on the preparation of some new heterocyclic compounds using traditional methods and ultrasound
20-03-2023 Biology Zahraa Khalid Nafi Mustafa
Al Khairo (MSc student)
Evaluating the effectiveness of the types of vaccines used against Coronavirus in Nineveh Governorate
27-03-2023 Geology Amer Munif Ayed Hamid
Al-Dulaimi (MSc student)
Sedimentary study of the Shiransh Formation (Campanian-Late Maastrichtian) in selected sections of northern Iraq
04-04-2023 Biology Alaa Nizar Mahmoud Mohammed Saeed Al-Najm (MSc student) Anti-biofilm activity of bacteriocins produced from Bacillus spp. Against some pathogenic bacteria
30-04-2023 Chemistry Ghufran Abdul Ghani Saleh Hamid Al Hammadi (MSc student) Spectrophotometric determination of carbamazepine and high-performance liquid chromatography and metoclopramide hydrochloride in its pharmaceutical preparations
30-04-2023 Biology Maha Mandil Ajaj Al-Hamdani (MSc student) Estimating some biochemical and haematological variables in breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy in Nineveh Governorate
30-04-2023 Biology Arak Saleh Khalil Taha Al-Arif (MSc student)      Determine the risk factors causing infection with Entamoeba histolytica
02-05-2023 Chemistry Iman Alaa Al-Din Ramadan Zubair Al-Lawand (PhD student) Biosynthesis of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles From Turmeric Plant and its Effect on Aflatoxins-Producing Fungi Which Isolated From The Food Materials
03-05-2023 Chemistry Ikhlas Thanoon Salim
Al-Allaf (PhD student)
Determination of some pharmaceutical compounds using various electrospectroscopic methods and high-performance liquid chromatography
03-05-2023 Biology Youssef Suleiman Aziz
(MSc student)
The effectiveness of titanium dioxide nanoparticles prepared using honey bee propolis on the life of the Amari date worm.
04-05-2023 Biology Sama Munis Saeed (MSc student) Isolation and Identification of Escherichia spp. other than E.coli from different clinical sources
04-05-2023 Chemistry Shahha Abdullah Mohammed Khalil (MSc student)         Evaluating the role of the hormone asprosin in metabolic syndrome
04-05-2023 Chemistry Marwa Talal Mahmoud Ali (MSc student) Preparation and identification of some new derivatives of azagalcones
07-05-2023 Biology Zaid Hashim Elias Al-Jamas (MSc student) Genetic change in the enzyme that produces nitric oxide in infertility patients
08-05-2023 Chemistry Maha M0hammed Tawfiq Al-Shukarji (MSc student) Preparation and identification of some new organic compounds derived from carbazole
09-05-2023 Chemistry Baraa Raad Mahmoud
Ahmed (PhD student)
Study of her2 at patients with Breast cancer and its Physiological role
09-05-2023 Biology Asma Abdel Aziz Abdel Ilah Hadid (PhD student) Cellular and molecular study of the therapeutic effect of ZnS Qdot NPs-LPS combined with lipofectamine on MCF-7 breast cancer cell line
15-05-2023 Biology Zeina Hisham Jassim Al Dabbagh (MSc student) Phenotypic and molecular investigation of hemophilic bacteria from respiratory infections
17-05-2023 Biology Ashraf Dhaher Mohammed (MSc student) Response of three types of ornamental plants to the allelopathic effect of some vegetable peels
18-05-2023 Chemistry Thakaa Mohiuddin Abdul Razzaq Abdul Qadir (MSc student) Spectrophotometric determination of sulfacetamide sodium in pharmaceutical preparations
04-06-2023 Biology Salman Khalaf Aday Abdullah Al-Sabaawi (MSc student) The efficiency of the work of the water filtration station in Makhmour District/Iraq and the suitability of its productivity for drinking
05-06-2023 Biology Jassim Mohammed Ali Abdullah Al-Qassab (MSc student) A physiological and molecular study of some fungi contaminating dried fruits
06-06-2023 Biology Ali Nayef Ali (MSc student) Biochemical variables in the anterior flagella of cutaneous leishmaniasis associated with the presence of some bacterial toxins
07-06-2023 Biology Yamama Abbas Zidane (MSc student) A molecular study of the genes PKD1 and PKD2 and determining their relationship with a number of biochemical variables in patients with kidney failure.
11-06-2023 Biology Sarah Ibrahim Ahmed Al Hayes (MSc student) Use of yeasts in bioremediation
12-06-2023 Biology Samir Majo Khalaf Ali
Al-Tatar (MSc student)
The relationship of plasmid content to the resistance of intestinal pathogenic bacteria to antibiotics and heavy metals
25-06-2023 Physics Barzan Khalaf Qasim (MSc student) Effect of laser irradiation on the optical and structural properties of CdS-CdSe semiconductor
04-07-2023 Chemistry Viyan Younis Suleiman Mustafa (MSc student) Preparation and identification of some alpha-beta-unsaturated cyclic ketones by Robson reaction
05-07-2023 Physics Nashwan Salaheldin Darwish (MSc student) Study of the activation effect of some plant seeds by non-thermal plasma and microwave
05-07-2023 Geology Basma Mohammed Sharif Abdel Qader (MSc student) Biostratigraphy of limestone nanofossils of the Mashorah Formation in two selected sections in northwestern Iraq
05-07-2023 Biology Safaa Mahmoud SultanAhmed Al-Hadidi (PhD student)      Extracting some active compounds from the oyster mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus and evaluating their biological effectiveness
06-07-2023 Geology Siham Bashir Ahmed Suleiman Al-Dulaimi (MSc student)          Biostratigraphy of limestone nanofossils of the Kulneri Formation in northern Iraq
06-07-2023 Chemistry Ahmed Obaid Jassim (MSc student) Epidemiology of the Covid-19 virus associated with chronic diseases and risk factors (obesity, age, gender) and studying their relationship to some biochemical blood variables
13-07-2023 Chemistry Fahad Jumaa Hammad (PhD student) The role of the presence of sodium hypochlorite in the formation of micelles and its effect on sterilization efficiency
13-07-2023 Geology Alaa Sabah Saleh Ahmed (PhD student) A taxonomic and stratigraphic study of limestone nanofossils of the Shiranish Formation in northern Iraq
27-07-2023 Biology Hassan Akram Abdullah Al-Obaidi (MSc student) Screening for Chlamydia Trachomatis infection in women with ectopic pregnancy who are vaccinated against COVID-19
31-07-2023 Biology Shifaa Muayyad Atash
(MSc student)
Determination of DNA methylation and genetic variation of the tumor suppressor gene CDKN2B in leukemia patients in Mosul city.
07-08-2023 Biology Weam WAdallah Mahmoud Hadid (MSc student) The synergistic effect of cocoa extracts with some antifungals that inhibit the growth of Candida albicans yeast.
23-08-2023 Chemistry Ahmed Saad Ibrahim (MSc student) Preparation, diagnosis and use of catalysts and compounds derived from locally available clay
23-08-2023 Biology Sinan Khalid Abboud (MSc student) A molecular study to investigate strains of the parasite Echinococcus granulosus in hospitals in Nineveh Governorate.
24-08-2023 Biology Baraa Ziad Ali Suleiman
(MSc student)
The effect of alcoholic extract of Syntrichia intermedia against fungi isolated from mobile phone devices and the fingers of its users.
24-08-2023 Physics Saud Khalil Ibrahim (MSc student) Study of the polymerization rate of adhesives used to fix orthodontic appliances under the influence of different levels of magnetic field
24-08-2023 Geology Rania Tahseen Smo (MSc student) Sedimentological study and petrophysical characteristics of the Baba Formation in selected wells from the Kirkuk oil field in northeastern Iraq
27-08-2023 Geology Farah Mohammed Yassin Al-Mawla  (MSc student) Depositional environment and petrophysical characteristics of the Bajwan Formation (late Oligocene) in selected wells from the Kirkuk oil field in northeastern Iraq.
27-08-2023 Biology Zainab Maysar Mohammed
Al-Dabbagh (MSc student)
Study of the immunological aspects of celiac disease in the city of Mosul
28-08-2023 Chemistry Rania Ibrahim Sheet (MSc student) Spectrophotometric determination of tetracycline – applications to pharmaceutical preparations
28-08-2023 Biology Ola Nusrat Abdel Rahim
Al-Rawi (MSc student)
Epidemiology and molecular nature of intestinal parasites
29-08-2023 Geology Sarah Abdel Hamid Mustafa Mohammed Al-Taha (MSc student) Sedimentary study of the Euphrates Formation (Early Miocene) in selected wells in northern Iraq
29-08-2023 Biology Ayman Mohammed Khalil Hassoni (PhD student)  Identification of some fastidious bacteria from clinical specimen using recombinant DNA technology
30-08-2023 Geology Eman Faiq Ibrahim Shareef (MSc student) A geochemical study of the waters of the main valleys on the left side of the city of Mosul
30-08-2023 Biology Mustafa Mahmoud Younis Al-Tai (MSc student) Identification of some biochemical and molecular variables for people with acne
30-08-2023 Chemistry Ali Mohammed Hussein
(MSc student)
Spectrophotometric determination of trifluoperazine hydrochloride and phenylephrine hydrochloride – applications to pharmaceutical preparations
31-08-2023 Biology Basemah Muhammad Ali Hussein Al-Metioti (MSc student) Phenotypic and molecular diagnosis of members of the genus Stenotrophomonas spp. isolated from clinical samples.
31-08-2023 Chemistry Shaima Abdel Qader Nasser (MSc student) Environmental assessment and treatment of some negative ions of household water waste in lifting stations within the city of Mosul using local soil
03-09-2023 Chemistry Rand Younis Khalid (MSc student) Evaluation of pine cone as a raw material in the production of multiple carbon materials: a study of preparation, diagnosis and application
03-09-2023 Physics Yousif Khalaf Ahmed (MSc student) Manufacturing of binary Al-Pb and ternary Al-Pb-Sn alloys and studying their efficiency in attenuating gamma rays.
03-09-2023 Geology Duha Mahmoud Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Hamdani (MSc student) Microfacies analysis and petrophysical characteristics of the Ballani and Sheikh Allas Formations (early Oligocene) in selected wells from the Kirkuk oil field in northeastern Iraq.
10-09-2023 Chemistry Naam Hazem Ahmed Younis Al-Tai (MSc student) Spectrophotometric determination of pyridoxine hydrochloride in pharmaceutical preparations
10-09-2023 Biology Asala Saad Mohsin Younis (MSc student) Identification of Ferocity factors in Bacteroides spp. Isolated from various clinical infections from patients arriving and hospitalized in Mosul city.
11-09-2023 Chemistry Ammar Mazen Abdullah
(MSc student)
Preparing a number of new organic cyclic compounds and studying their application in determining pollutants in wastewater of Mosul city.
11-09-2023 Geology Sarah Abdel Majeed Mohammed Ramadan (MSc student) Ostracoda and biostratigraphy in the Dammam Formation (middle-late Eocene) in Najaf 2 well, southwestern Iraq.
11-09-2023 Biology Fatima Riyad Mohammed (MSc student) Extraction of Prodigiosin pigment from Serratia marcescens bacteria and investigation of its biochemical properties
11-09-2023 Physics Sirwan Jabr Abdullah (MSc student) Study of the effect of magnetic field intensity on some blood properties of smoking addicts in all its forms in Laboratory
12-09-2023 Biology Nour Imad Younis Al-Attar (MSc student) The relationship of some adipose tissue hormones with some physiological parameters in women with cystic ovary syndrome
12-09-2023 Geology Rusol Muayyad Radif Al-Salmani (MSc student) Biostratigraphy of Foraminifera of the Shiranish Formation in the Diana area, northern Iraq
13-09-2023 Biology Haqqi Yazan Ismail Ali
(MSc student)
Bacterial influences in the etiology of coronary artery disease in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention PCI
14-09-2023 Chemistry Nour Abdul Sattar Majeed (MSc student) Evaluation of sirtuin levels and some biochemical variables in people with Parkinson’s disease
14-09-2023 Biology Maryam Mahmoud Taleb Dawood Al-Ani (MSc student) Biochemical and molecular evaluation of women with osteoporosis in Mosul city
14-09-2023 Physics Ali Idris Yassin
(MSc student)
Evaluation of natural radionuclides and some heavy elements in samples of soil near the Badush cement factory in Mosul city