Seminars – College of Science – (2023)



Department Student name






Yazdan Jassim Qro               (MSc student)

The Protective Effect of Grape Seed Oil Against Histopathological Changes Induced by Tamsulosin in Male White Rats, Rattus norvegicus
08-01-2023 Biology Wadiyan Youssef Bashir
(MSc student)


The Physiological and Biochemical Effects of the Antioxidant (BHT) Butylated Hydroxytoluene on Male White Rats Exposed to Starvation Stress
23-01-2023 Biology Hadeel Tahseen Jamal
(MSc student)
Studies on multi-antibiotic-resistant bacteria isolated from surgical wounds
23-01-2023 Biology Raya Kanaan Muhammad
Ali (MSc student)
A comparative study of the effect of the aqueous extract of the flowers of the clove plant E. caryophyllus on the vitality and effectiveness of the enzyme acetylcholine in a number of monozaic and polyzoic tapeworms
09-03-2023 Biology Zahraa Khalid Nafee

(MSc student)

       Evaluation of the effectiveness of the types of corona virus vaccine used in Nineveh
09-03-2023 Biology Hadeel Suhaib Abdul Karim

(MSc student)

The relationship between the Epstien-Barr virus and thyroid disease patients
05-04-2023 Chemistry Shaha Abdullah Mohammed (MSc student)       Evaluating the role of the hormone asprosin in metabolic syndrome
05-04-2023 Chemistry Farah Ahmed Hamed
(MSc student)
Study of adropin in polycystic ovary syndrome and its association with hormonal and metabolic factors
05-04-2023 Chemistry Mugda Abdel Karim Mohammed (MSc student) Isolation and study of the enzyme cathepsin D and its relationship to some biochemical variables in colon cancer patients
17-04-2023 Biology Maha Mandil Ajaj
(MSc student)
Estimating some biochemical and hematological variables in breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy in Nineveh Governorate
17-04-2023 Biology Arak Saleh Khalil
(MSc student)
Identifying the risk factors that cause infection with Entamoeba histolytica
17-04-2023 Biology Zaid Hashim Al-Jamas
(MSc student)
Genetic change in the enzyme that produces nitric oxide in infertility patients
26-04-2023 Biology Iman Aladdin Ramadan
(PhD student)
Biosynthesis of copper oxide nanoparticles from turmeric plant and its effect on aflatoxins – producing fungi which isolated from the food materials
26-04-2023 Biology Youssef Suleiman Aziz

(MSc student)

Efficacy of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on the life of the Amari date worm
26-04-2023 Biology Sama Munis Saeed
(MSc student)
Isolation and identification of Escherichia spp. other than E. coli from different clinical sources
26-04-2023 Chemistry Noura Amer Hussein
(MSc student)
Preparation and study of the biological activity and its relationship to the QSAR structure of new indomethacin derivatives
26-04-2023 Chemistry Simaa Muwaffaq Al-Omari (MSc student) Developing indirect spectroscopic methods for the determination of metronidazole
08-05-2023 Biology Asmaa Abdulaziz Abdullah Ahmed (MSc student) Cellular and molecular study of therapeutic effect of ZnS Qdot NPs- LPS With lipofectamine on breast cancer MCF-7 cell line
08-05-2023 Geology Bassma Muhammad Sharif (MSc student) Biostratigraphy of limestone nanofossils to the Mashora formation in two selected sections, northwestern Iraq
09-05-2023 Geology Siham Bashir Ahmed
(MSc student)
Biostratigraphy of limestone nanofossils of the Kulneri Formation in northern Iraq
14-05-2023 Physics Nashwan Salah El-Din
Darwish (MSc student)
Study of the effect of activation of some plant seeds with non-thermal plasma and microwaves
23-05-2023 Geology Rania Tahseen Samo
(MSc student)
A study of sedimentology and petrophysical characteristics of the Baba Formation in selected wells from the Kirkuk oil field in northeastern Iraq
29-05-2023 Biology Samir Majo Khalaf
(MSc student)
Relationship of plasmid content with the resistance of enteric pathogenic bacteria to antibiotics and heavy metals
29-05-2023 Biology Yamamah Abbas Zidan
(MSc student)
A molecular study of the genes PK1 and PK2 and determining their relationship with a number of biochemical variables in patients with kidney failure
29-05-2023 Biology Ali Nayef Ali
(MSc student)
Biochemical changes in Lieshmania tropica promastigotes  correlated to presence of some bacterial toxins in vitro study
30-05-2023 Geology Duha Mahmoud Ibrahim
(MSc student)
Microfacies analysis and petrophysical characteristics of the Blani and Sheikh Allas Formations (Early Oligocene)
06-06-2023 Geology Farah Mohammed Yassin
(MSc student)
Depositional environment and petrophysical characteristics of the Bajwan Formation – the late Olicocene – in selected wells from the Kirkuk oil field in northeastern Iraq
22-06-2023 Physics Barzan Khalaf Qasim
(MSc student)
The effect of laser irradiation on the optical and structural properties of the semiconductor CdS-CdSe
25-06-2023 Biology Safaa Mahmoud Sultan
(PhD student)
Extraction of some active compounds from Oyster mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus and assessment of their vital activity
20-08-2023 Physics



Saud Khalil Ibrahim (MSc student) Study of the polymerization rate of the adhesives used to fix the orthodontic appliance under the influence of different levels of magnetic field
29-08-2023 Physics Sirwan Jabr Abdullah
(MSc student)
Study of the effect of X-rays on some properties of the blood of smoking addicts and its laboratory analysis
30-08-2023 Physics Ali Idris Yassin
(MSc student)
Natural radionuclides and some heavy elements in samples of soil near the Badoush cement factory in the city of Mosul
30-08-2023 Physics Youssef Khalaf Ahmed
(MSc student)
Manufacturing binary Al-Pb and ternary Al-Pb-Sn alloys and studying their efficiency in attenuation of gamma rays
06-09-2023 Biology Heba Qidar Thaher
(MSc student)
Phenotypic and molecular investigation of siderophores in types of pathogenic bacteria
06-09-2023 Biology Haqqi Yazan Ismail
(MSc student)
Bacterial influence in the etiology of coronary artery disease in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI)
06-09-2023 Biology Fatima Riyad Muhammad
(MSc student)
Extraction of Prodiogiosin Pigment from Serratia marcescens Bacteria and Investigation of its Biochemical Properties
06-09-2023 Biology Maryam Mahmoud Talib
(MSc student)
Biochemical and Molecular Evaluation of Women Suffering from Osteoporosis in the City of Mosul
06-09-2023 Biology Asala Saad Mohsen
(MSc student)
Virulence factors detection of Bacteroides spp. Isolated from several clinical infection of outpatients and inpateints in Mosul’s hospital
06-09-2023 Biology Nour Imad Younis
(MSc student)
Relation between some adipose tissue hormons with some physiological parameters in women with polycystic ovaries
06-09-2023 Biology Mahmoud Yassin Younis
(MSc student)
Immunological diagnosis of Bacteremia and non-Bacteremia in patirnts admittdd to intensive care Uints in Mosul City Hospitals
12-09-2023 Physics Atallah Ahmed Awaid
(MSc student)
Design of an electron beam energy filter with a hemispherical shape for electronic spectrometer uses