Dr. Manal Abdul-Jabbar Al-Sammaq, a lecturer at the college of Tourism Sciences, presents a lecture in Sweden entitled: “Iraqi women’s leadership between Iraq and the diaspora/ the secrets of their success and superiority”


In cooperation with the International Friendship Organization, Sweden Branch, Dr. Manal Al-Sammak, Member of the Administration Board of the Swedish-Iraqi Studies Network and Lecturer at Mosul University - College of Tourism and Researcher at Lund University, Sweden, introduce a lecture at Al- Noor Foundation for Culture and Information in Malmo City entitled:The leadership of Iraqi women between Iraq and the Diaspora / the secrets of its success and superiority.Dr. Al-Sammak reviewed the reality of the Iraqi woman and the circumstances she went through, which affected her educational, social, cultural and political reality, and absent her pioneering role that she deserves. The [إقرأ المزيد]