Dear visitors to the site of the college of Engineering, University of Mosul on the Internet greeting love and respect. In order to achieve the integrative growth of Mosul University and to meet the needs of the community and a commitment to support and develop scientific research and investment of human potential, Mosul University felt the need to play its role in engineering education, as university has sought to obtain the approval of the establishment of the college of Engineering at Mosul University since 1963.

With an ambitious vision, we at this ancient college, one of the oldest colleges at Mosul University are working hard to establish an educational edifice that keep up with the global development in engineering education Graduates competent engineers committed to the ethics of the profession who can practice a successful career and professional, and strengthen scientific and professional research to address the challenges in society in partnership with other institutions.

The college has ambitious plans to adopt the best modern methods in education and create distinct research centers, aiming to graduate competencies equipped with science and practical experience able to contribute to the advancement of development and sustainable development in Iraq by providing high-quality education to enable students to serve the community with their skills and professional, technical, administrative and research abilities.

Finally, I say with confidence that the college of Engineering at the University of Mosul, God willing, will be one of the outstanding colleges. I ask God to reconcile everyone for the sake of progress and giving, so that each of us can perform his work faithfully and perfectly to serve the country and its progress.

 Best Wishes


Prof. Dr. Bayar Jaafer AL-Sulyvani   

Acting dean of college of engineering

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