College of Engineering was established in 1963 as a beginner in Department of Civil Engineering and was affiliated with the University of Baghdad at that time in order to prepare the required engineering staff and cadres. In September 1964, Department of Electrical Engineering was added. After establishment of University of Mosul on April 1, 1967, College of Engineering became one of the colleges affiliated to the University of Mosul The first course in the Civil Engineering Department was graduated in the same year. Then it was decided to open new departments to be added to the Deanship of College of Engineering: Mechanical and Agricultural Engineering (currently water resources engineering) in September of the same year.

In 1978 Department of Architecture was opened, and new departments such as Department of Computer Engineering were created in 1998 and in 2005 Department of Mechatronics Engineering was opened. In 2011, Department of Environmental Engineering was opened, thus college of Engineering currently includes eight specialized scientific departments that contain various laboratories and workshops that support study in them. Note that the number of its students is about 2240.

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