To make the College of Engineering distinguished locally, Arab and world-class by obtaining international academic accreditation for all its educational programs and in various engineering disciplines in which graduate and higher degrees are awarded and build an exchange relationship with international universities in various countries of the world and through discrimination and originality in its research.

Prepare qualified graduates for leadership and innovation in the various engineering fields and expand the horizons of engineering knowledge to them through the completion of original scientific research and development and transfer of technology to serve the needs of local, regional and global and community service by providing cooperation with the industrial, agricultural and commercial government sectors and service engineering profession .

• Enriching students with the basics of knowledge in scientific and engineering fields.
• Improve students' abilities towards creative analytical thinking.
• Planting high moral values through an educational climate integrated with engineering and educational programs.
• Prepare well qualified engineers suited to the responsibilities that lie ahead in the workplace through a deep understanding of their expected role in the implementation of development plans in the country.
• Continuous and renewed development of the curriculum to ensure keeping up with the rapid and successive changes in all fields.
• Focusing on scientific research and its essential role in serving the society and solving its problems, taking this aspect into consideration while directing and supporting the capabilities and providing what is necessary to achieve this.

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