Department of Mechatronics Engineering



To offer a world-leading research and educational mechatronics program with an emphasis on hands-on oriented training.



Contribute to the advancement of engineering and technological reality, students' acquisition of theoretical and practical experience, communication skills and outstanding teamwork.



The mechatronics department goals are:

  1. The department selects updated curricula in line with the pace of development and provide the department's graduates with rigorous educational programs to enable them to compete in the labour market and improve their abilities towards analytical and creative thinking by adopting academic accreditation.
  2. Focusing on scientific research and its basic role in community service and solving its problems, and encouraging faculty members and studentsto take this aspect into consideration while guiding and supporting capabilities and providing what is necessary to achieve this matter .
  3. Advance the engineering and technological level to create new job opportunities that absorb the workforce of graduates of technical institutes and engineering colleges.
  4. Inculcate strong communication, leadership, ethics and entrepreneurship skills among students for their sustainable growth through the teaching and learning process.
  5. Providing goal-oriented, quality-based, and value-added education through feedback from students and graduates.
  6. Preparinggraduates who have the ability to keep pace with development according to global requirements by providing a world-class environment .
  7. Expansion of practical and applied education to keep pace with the rapid development in modern technology, which has become an essential part in all products.

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