Department of Mechanical engineering


The department seeks to be one of the leading departments in the field of mechanical engineering in accordance with the latest approved scientific curricula and using the latest scientific teaching methods such as laboratories and modern teaching methods .


  1. Graduate engineers who arecompetent competence of various mechanical engineering, which includes the foundations of mechanical design , thermal capacity and different methods of production, air conditioning and refrigeration to have them the ability to creativity and innovation in various fields of engineering and keep abreast of scientific development .
  2. Provide practical and practical opportunities for students to see the principles ofscientific and engineering facts and not just the theoretical side only through the establishment of the latest engineering laboratories and workshops equipped with the latest types of equipment and laboratory supplies and scientific establishment of the various sectors of the country .
  3. Provide thebest possibilities for students in order to build a spirit of leadership in its graduates by teaching them teamwork and outstanding efforts to mobilize students to participate and contribute to the work of student and urged students to creativity and innovation to achieve the needs of the community of engineers qualified mechanics .
  4. Holding seminars, scientific conferences, and training courses for the employees of all departments and the institutions of the various industrial sectors to familiarize them with the most prominent scientific and technological developments in order to enhance the efficiency and capacity of engineering cadres working in all sectors of community.



  1. Preparing theengineers in an integrated scientific, social and development of his love for the work of scientific research and the ability to creative thinking and teamwork collaborator in addition to experience in the use of modern technologies and industrial applications .
  2. Preparing engineers to advance and participate in scientific research and studies in the field of specializations of the department, especially what aims to find solutions to various issues facing economic and social development.
  3. Communicating with the community and its institutions, providing engineering services and being open to the community, which encourages the public and private sectors to consolidate a good relationship with the university by providing consultations and holding specialized training courses in the various fields of mechanical engineering and according to the requirements of the community.
  4. Communicate with international universities and discreet exchange ofexperiences andmodern scientific information to develop the theoretical aspects as well as the practical aspects and urged researchers to submit projects for funding and international grants .
  5. Support theethics of scientific research .
  6. Urged researchers to submit projects for funding andinternational grants.


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