Computer networks play an essential part in our daily lives since they are involved in the educational, medical, military and recreational fields. Not only that but they are found in every household being used for so many roles starting with having a WIFI network and ending with controlling doors and lights around the house. Because of its ever-growing importance, learning computer networks has never been as important in all societies. From this standpoint, MicroTik International, a pioneer in the field of computer networks, seeks to develop university students and network enthusiasts through its academies around the world.

MicroTik is a European company Based in Latvia. Founded in 1996, it is considered to be one of the true pioneers in the fields of computer networks and communication technologies. it underwent rapid development and fierce labor market competition until it became the top selling company in the field of networks in Iraq. Right now, MikroTik hardware is used in pivotal institutions and universities while also covering normal households. This is because their devices are used in small, medium, and large networks while still covering a wide range of options in terms of wireless communication devices and broadcast points (WiFi) in addition to switches, routers, and servers that they provide in different sizes and capabilities which makes them accommodate every need.

The MicroTik academy at Mosul university is an educational institute that is developed and opened in coordination between MicrotTik and the University of Mosul. It focuses on training both students and network enthusiasts in the basics of networks. The provided training is augmented by practice and application on MicroTik devices. This, in turn, raises the educational and practical level of the trainees. Currently, the MicroTik academy at Mosul university provides the following:

  1. Certified and highly skilled instructors that provide lectures and training covering networks fundamentals.
  2. A fully equipped laboratory and training area in which all theoretical information is applied directly to MicroTik devices.
  3. “MikroTik Certified Network Associate - MTCNA” certification course which focuses on hands-on training using MikroTik hardware. More about the course in this link:

  1. Official exam for the MTCNA Fundamentals Certificate.
  2. The trainee obtains the official and internationally recognized certificate if they pass the above-mentioned exam. The certificate is valid for 3 years.

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