The project aims at reinforcing the institutional capacity of HEIs in strategically planning. Moreover, the project aims to enhance the relevance and quality of the higher education system through the revitalization of academic life and scientific research. 

The project is consistent with EU strategy in supporting Iraq rebuilding of public institutions through capacity building. 

The role of the University of Mosul as a co-leader with the University of Bologna in this project is to support the Iraqi Universities in developing or updating their international relation strategies in a way that it can reflect better modern HE Asian challenges, needs and strategies.

The overarching goal of INsPIRE is to support, through the cooperation of European institutions, the rebuilding, modernization, and internationalization of the governance system of higher education institutions (HEIs) in Iraq with a specific focus on planning and programming systems. 

The project aims to support HEIs in Iraq in order to make them capable of establishing a modern governance framework through the adoption of innovative practices.

More specifically, it seeks to:

  • Enhance good governance, management and accountability practices in the HEIs
  • Establish a clear governance framework, including well-defined and clear mission and goals through the definition and implementation of action plans
  • Strengthen the capacity of HEIs to develop their specific strategies and to implement them effectively and efficiently using programming systems
  • Strengthen the international relations management within the HEIs
  • Improve the participation in strategic planning and development activities of non-university actors and non-state actors


You can view the project information and learn more details on the website below:

INSPIRE project (English)
INSPIRE project (Arabic)
Project Results


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