Brief Account on radiology Department:

X-ray section was started as a division attached to the surgery department at the college of medicine. The first who taught the students of medical   college the material of X-ray  was Dr. Thabit Hassan Thabit (Diploma in radiology- London) and he was  amember of the staff of Nineveh Health Directorate.  later Dr. Isam Ali Al-Hatim (Diploma- London) participated in the teaching of this material until 1975, then he travelled to London to get the   degree  of (FRCR) and returned to the college in 1979.

In 1975, Dr. Qahtan Abdul-Allah Radhwan (Diploma- London) joined the staff members to teach the material of nuclear and atomic medicine, then followed by Dr. Abdul-Qader Tapoo Omer Al-Deen in 1975 (Diploma-  London).

In 1976,  Dr. Hazim Hameed Al-Salih joined the teaching staff members after he was assigned from Nineveh Health Directorate (where he was the head of the X-ray institute) to the college of medicine, then he was completely  transvere to the ministry of higher education and scientific research.

Dr.Mohamed Tariq Raheem Sinan (Msc , radioactive   and  neuclear  medicine) also joined the staff members in 1976.

 Dr. Isam Ali Al-Hatim worked hard to  establish an independent department and he really succeeded in that by the end of 1979.

In 1980, Dr. Isam  Ali Al-Hatim choose  the  best graduated  doctors in 1976, 1977, and 1978,  to work at the department  and the choice was as follows:

Dr. Sameer Abdul-Lateef Mohamed Ali, graduated in 1976.

Dr. Shatha Abdul-Hussain Al-Hili, graduated in 1977.

Dr. Daham Abdul-Hadi Mustafa, graduated in 1977.

Dr. Hazim Khaleel Qassim Al-Allaf, graduated in 1978.

Dr. Isam Al-Hatim   succeeded to  get scholarships and admissions from Bristol University at which he got the (FRCR) certificate  from, for the   jounior  doctors to  complete their  higher   studies.

In 1983, the  agreement   for   the  scholarships  were stopped from  the  ministry of  higher  education   due  to finansial  problems.

To solve the   situation  ,Msc , and  Diploma   degree in diagnostic  radiology  in the  Mosul   medical  college was initiated   in 1987  and the following members joined it:

Dr. Sameer Abdul-Lateef Mohamed Ali.

Dr. Daham Abdul-Hadi Mustafa.

Dr. Hazim Khaleel Qassim Al-Allaf

Dr. Asal Badai (Basrah).

Five more physicians, in the same year, were admitted for the study of high diploma in diagnostic radiology too.

This Diploma  degree  was continued till  2006 and graduate (150)  radiologist who served at the Mosul hospitals and other hospitals outside Mosul.

The  heads  of  radiology department:

The following doctors, successively occupied this position:

Asst. Prof. Dr. Isam Ali Al-Hatim (1982-1996).

Asst. Prof. Dr. Abul-Qader Tapoo Omer Al-Deen (1996-2003).

Asst. Prof. Dr. Hazim Hameed Al-Salih (2003-2007).

Asst. Prof. Hazim Khaleel Qassim Al-Allaf (2007-2013).

Lecturer Dr. Dalya Abdul-Qader Al-Falaki (2013-2015).

Lecturer Dr. Hadeel Mohamed Farooq Al-Hiyali (2015-till now).

The  present  members of the  department.




Academic Title



 Dalya Abdul-Qader Al-Falaki

Iraqi Board


Head of the Department


 Marwa Ismaill Khalaf

Arab Board


Registrar of the Department


 Hazim Khaleel Al-Allaf


Asst. Professor

  The Dean Administrative Assistant 


Hadeel Mohamed Farooq Al - Hiyali

Iraqi Board




Wasan Ali Atiyah  Al- Zubaidi      

Arab Board




Ahmed Azhar Hashim Sulaiman

Arab Board 



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