Speech of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Mosul University

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to  the website of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Mosul, We hope that you will find all the information, data and activities related to the College .

 The Faculty of Medicine was established in 1959 and was thus the first nucleus for the establishment of Mosul University in 1967, which currently includes twenty-three faculties and seven diverse research centers.

The college consists of twelve scientific branches that supervise the teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate academic levels, master's and doctoral degrees, in addition to the clinical specializations within the study of the Arab and Iraqi Board and the professional diploma, which ensures the provision of health and academic institutions with a great diversity in various medical fields and disciplines.

The Faculty of Medicine is keen to keep up-to-date of recent developments in medical education and is keenly interested in the quality of skills acquired by graduates and their ability to provide the best medical services to the community in addition to preparing doctors in a way that qualifies them to work or complete study in any country around the world.

From this standpoint, the college is keen to apply international standards of quality and reliability in order to maintain scientific sobriety and ensure that the college will keep up-to-date of recent developments in the field of medical education in order to achieve scientific communication with the regional and international environment, which reflects positively on the quality of health services provided in Iraq.

The college is concerned with the scientific and medical aspects, it also seeks to have a positive role in cultivating the spirit of love and brotherhood in society, through embracing students from different cultures and cities in an attempt to exploit this diversity among its students to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and love and tolerance among all strata of society Iraq, which contributes to provide a humanitarian, moral and cultural message at the level of Iraq and the world and humanity in general.



Basil MohammedNather Saeed

Dean of the College of Medicine/University of Mosul/Mosul/Iraq

Professor of Otorhinolaryngology-Department of Surgery

28 Sep. 2019


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