Regional Studies Center was established on August 24, 1985 as "Turkish Studies Center". The Center's interest expanded to include in addition to relations with the northern neighbor "Turkey", the Central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union. On September 7, 2003, the Center's attention has grown to involve all Iraq's neighboring countries, and certainly the Center ,over the past 25 years ,has worked and sought to provide studies, research, books, seminars, workshops, symposiums and conferences that follow Iraqi affairs and its regional surrounding to develop Iraq's relations with neighbors and promote proposals that expand and interlink these relations in a manner that preserves Iraq's independence, guarantees its supreme national interests and prevents the interference of others in its affairs, while working hard and diligently to boost Iraq's relations with its neighbors, at all political, economic, social and cultural levels. Thanks be to God ,that the Center through the standards set by its administration, "scientific and objective vision" and "national constants," has succeeded in gaining credibility not only from similar scientific centers inside and outside Iraq, but also from decision makers and the media that always follow its activities and reports, views and positions. Therefore, the Center has received honor and praise many times, and won the first place among the 14 research centers in Iraq in 2004 .

On April 6, 2010, the Center got the honor of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with a certificate of appreciation signed by the Minister himself, confirming the Ministry's appreciation of the Center's assiduous efforts in serving the scientific research. Furthermore, the Center received a Certificate of Excellence from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research at Al-ilm Day (2010-2011). Moreover, the letters of thanks and appreciation that the Center has received from ministries, ministers, institutions , official and non-official bodies.

We hope that we have provided something useful to scientific research in our dear Iraq { Say do work, God will see your work and His Messenger and the believers}.