Vision: Regional Studies Center at the University of Mosul has a clear vision of its scientific career for more than 25 years since its founding on 24 August 1985, based on the necessity that the research centers in Iraq must play an effective role not only in decision-making, , but in the pursuit of developing Iraq's relations with regional neighbors, and make it as a guarantee for Iraq's national interests. The Center starts on its research from Iraq and examines Iraq's ties with its neighbors and its interests in neighboring countries such as Turkey, Iran and the Arab countries that stems from a central point: the events and developments in each of these countries impact in one way or another other countries.

Mission: The Center has an effective role in providing studies and research, holding conferences ,symposiums, workshops and seminars; issuing books and scientific publications, and preparing staffs interested in the situation of Iraq and its external relations with regional neighboring countries.


Objectives: Since the decision taken by Council of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (10) on 24 August 1985, the Center has set out a number of objectives to be achieved, most notably the completion of strategic research and studies on the affairs of Iraq and its neighbors and some Middle Eastern countries with a view to enhance relations with them in the political, cultural, educational and information fields.The Center has many ways through which to fulfill its objectives, including organizing conferences , symposiums, workshops and seminars; establishing cooperative relations with the similar centers inside and outside Iraq, and providing the opportunity for academics to mutual scientific cooperation, issuing books and scientific publications dealing with the Center’s concerns with regard to neighboring countries and external relations in a way that help to establish a system of serious cooperation that is in the interest of all countries of the region which contributes to their development and prevents interference in their internal affairs.