Since its establishment, the Center has published books including:

1- Iraqi-Turkish relations / 1986

2-Turkey's position on the Iran-Iraq war / 1987.

3-Contemporary Turkey / 1988.

4-Turkey's Water Policy and Its Implications on Arab Water Security / 1989.

5-Turkey until 1991/1992.

6-Turkey: Anxious ally / 1992.

7-Water resources of the Tigris and Euphrates basin countries / 1993.

8-Central Asian republics and the Caucasus historical roots and regional relations / 1993.

9- Arab-Turkish relations / 1995.

10-The Kurdish issue in Turkey and its impact on neighboring countries / 1995.

11-Islam and Secularism in Contemporary Turkey / 1996.

12-Foreign Trade of Turkey / 1997.

13-Turkish-Zionist relations and their repercussions on Arab national security / 1998.

14-Turkey's foreign policy towards the Arab world / 1998.

15- Arab-Turkish relations in the face of the twenty-first century / 2000.

16-Turkish economy and relations with Iraq - indicators and trends / 2000

17-Privatization of the Iraqi economy / 2004.

  1. Iraq and neighboring countries / 2007.

Second, Regional Affairs Series:

In 2004, Regional Studies Center issued a series of regional affairs, among the books published in this series are:

1-Ideas of Authority and Human Rights : Prof.Dr. Ghanim Muhammad Al- Haffo / 2004

2-Map of Islamic Trends in Contemporary Turkey: Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Khalil AL-Allaf / 2005

3-Turkish National Security in the Middle East: Prof.Dr. Khalil Ali Murad / 2005

4-Pages from the history of regional blocs in the Middle East: Iraq as a case study  1946 - 1959 : Prof. Dr. Ghanim Muhammad Al Haffo / 2005

5-The Problem of Water and Water Resources in the Middle East: Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Khalil AL-Allaf / 2005

6-The United States and the Iranian Nuclear Program: Dr. Muhammad Salim Ahmad Al-Kawwaz / 2006

7-Faces and Political Issues in the Contemporary History of Iraq : Prof.Dr.  Ghanim Muhammad Al Haffo / 2006

8-Iraq and the United States of America: Studies in History, Politics, Oil and Education: Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Khalil AL-Allaf / 2006

9-Trends of the development of Iraqi-Turkish trade relations: Dr. Nawfal Qasim Ali Al - Shahwan / 2006

10-Nuclear Capabilities in the Middle East: Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Khalil AL- Allaf / 2006

11-Arab Gulf: Studies in History, Politics and Education: Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Khalil AL-Allaf / 2007

12-The Ottoman Empire : Prof.Dr. Ghanim Muhammad Al Haffo 2007

13-The experience of the Justice and Development Party in Turkey: Dr. Nawal Abdul- Jabbar Sultan Altaee

14-Trends of economic growth and technological progress regionally and internationally : Dr. Nawfal Qasim Ali Al -Shahwan / 2007

15.Gulf-Turkish Relations 1973-1990:  Mithaq Khairallah Jalud / 2008

16-The impact of economic policies on structural changes in the Turkish economy: Dr. Rawa Zaki Younis Altaweel / 2008

17-The Impact of the Darfur Problem on Sudan's Foreign Policy : Dr. Salah Al - Deen Al - Doma / 2008.

18- We and Turkey: Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Khalil AL-Allaf

19-Reform and Change in Iraq and Neighboring Countries :Dr. Hanna Azzo Bahnan

20-UAE-Iran dispute over the three islands: Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa: Abdul Razzaq Khalaf Muhammad al-Taee / 2009

21-The Problem of Western Sahara: Prof.Dr. Mohammed Ali Dahish / 2008

22-Turkey in the contemporary American strategy 1991 - 2007: Dr. Luqman Omar Mahmood Al Nuaimi/2009

23-Water Crisis and Arab Water Security: Dr. Rawa Zaki Younis Altaweel/2009

24-Contemporary Arab Maghrib: Prof.Dr. Muhammad Ali Dahish / 2009

25-Iran and the Karon River Water Supply Projects to Qatar and Kuwait :Dr. Rayyan Thanoon Al-Abbasy / 2009

26-The Arab and Regional Political System; Change and Continuity : Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Khalil AL-Allaf / 2009.

27-Political decision-making in Iraq and neighboring countries :Dr.  Rayyan Thanoon Al-Abbasy / 2009.

28-The Commodity Structure of Turkey's Trade with the European Union and its Impact on Economic Growth for the Period 1980-2004 : Hashim Muhammad Saeed Al-Zibari / 2010.

29-E-Government in the Arab World; Its Importance and Major Applications : Dr. Thakir Mohiiddeen AL-Iraqi / 2010.

30-Religious Education in Contemporary Turkey :Dr. Saad Abdulaziz Muslit  AL - Juboory.

31-Turkish policy towards the Arabian Gulf since 1991 and its future prospects : Dr. Batool Halil Jubair / 2010.

32-The future of Iraq's relations and neighboring countries : Dr. Nawfal Qasim Ali Al -Shahwan / 2007.

33-Iraq's Relations with the Arab Gulf States :Dr. Muhammad Abdul -Rahman Younis AL-Obeidy and others / 2011.

34-Iraq and its Regional neighboring states in a Changing World: by a group of researchers, edited by Dr. Muhammad Abdul -Rahman Younis Al-Obeidy/ 2011.

35-The Water Problem in Iraq: Causes and Solutions : Dr. Qais al-Obeidy / 2011.

36- Studies in the history of the Caucasus: Dr. Mohammed Abdulrahman Al-Obeidy and Wathiq Barrak Al-Sadoon / 2011.


37-The Arab-Israeli Conflict in American Foreign Policy : Mohammad Jamal al-Din Alalawi / 2012.


38-Palestine Studies and Articles in History and Heritage: Saad Saeed Al-Dewachy / 2012.


39 -Turkey's regional relations under the AKP government: Dr. Luqman Omar Mahmood Al Nuaimi and Mithaq Khairallah Jalud / 2012.


40 -Studies in the Contemporary History of Sudan: Dr. Thakir Mohiiddeen AL-Iraqi / 2012.


41- Iraq and the United States of America and neighboring countries .. Reality and variables: Edit: Dr. Fawaz Muwafaq Thannoon / 2012.


42 -On the eve of the occupation March-April 2003: Prof. Dr. Ghanim Muhammad Al Haffo / 2012.


43 -Arab change movements .. Entrepreneurship and path: Edit: Dr. Sana Abdullah AL-Taee / 2013.


44 -Political Decision Making in the Arab Gulf States: Mithaq Khairallah Jalud and Wathiq Barrak Al-Sadoon / 2013.


45-Water crisis in the Tigris and Euphrates basins: Dr. Qais Hamadi Al-Obeidy / 2013.


Books released by researchers in Regional Studies Center after liberation operations:


1-Elements of economic development: Dr. Nawfal Qasim Ali Al -Shahwan / 2018.

2-The Impossible State: Dr. Faris Turky Mahmood / 2018.

3-Justice and Development Party in Turkey: Dr. Sana Abdullah Al-Taee / 2018.

4-The legal framework for the use of international rivers water: Dr. Ziyad Abdul-Wahab Al-Nuaimi / 2018.

5-European history: Dr. Abdul Razzaq Khalaf Mohammad Al-Taee / 2018.

6-Turkey and its regional relations: Dr. Hamid Mohammad Taha / 2018.

7-Jordan-US relations: Dr. Fawaz Muwafaq Thannoon / 2019.

8-Saudi Arabia Kingdom: Dr. Mithaq Khairallah Jalud. / 2019.